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Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping for Appearance Quality in Short-Grain Rice
Liping Dai, Lan Wang, Yujia Leng, Yaolong Yang, Lichao Huang, Long Chen, Yuqiong Wang, Deyong Ren, Jiang Hu, Guanghen Zhang, Li Zhu, Longbiao Guo, Qian Qian and Dali Zeng
Reinventing Potato as a Diploid Inbred Line–Based Crop
Shelley H. Jansky, Amy O. Charkowski, David S. Douches, Gabe Gusmini, Craig Richael, Paul C. Bethke, David M. Spooner, Richard G. Novy, Hielke De Jong, Walter S. De Jong, John B. Bamberg, A. L. Thompson, Benoit Bizimungu, David G. Holm, Chuck R. Brown, Kathleen G. Haynes, Vidyasagar R. Sathuvalli, Richard E. Veilleux, J. Creighton Miller, Jim M. Bradeen and Jiming Jiang
Physical Map of Repetitive DNA Sites in Brachiaria spp.: Intravarietal and Interspecific Polymorphisms
Thaís Furtado Nani, Daniele Laís Pereira, Fausto Souza Sobrinho and Vânia Helena Techio
Depth of Stover Layer for Salt Management Influences Sunflower Production in Saline Soils
Yonggan Zhao, Huancheng Pang, Jing Wang, Yuyi Li and Yan Li

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