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Registration of A/BN641 and RN642 waxy Grain Sorghum Genetic Stocks
M. K. Yerka, J. J. Toy, D. L. Funnell-Harris, S. E. Sattler and J. F. Pedersen
Linking Nitrogen Management, Seep Chemistry, and Stream Water Quality in Two Agricultural Headwater Watersheds
Mark R. Williams, Anthony R. Buda, Herschel A. Elliott, Amy S. Collick, Curtis Dell and Peter J. A. Kleinman
Registration of the Ki14 × B73 Recombinant Inbred Mapping Population of Maize
R. C. Pratt, J. B. Holland, P. J. Balint-Kurti, N. D. Coles, J. C. Zwonitzer, M. A. Casey and M. D. McMullens
Registration of ‘OLé’ Peanut
K. D. Chamberlin, R. S. Bennett, J. P. Damicone, C. B. Godsey, H. A. Melouk and K. Keim
Quantifying Particulate and Colloidal Release of Radionuclides in Waste-Weathered Hanford Sediments
Nicolas Perdrial, Aaron Thompson, Kelsie LaSharr, Mary Kay Amistadi and Jon Chorover


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