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Can Biochar Covers Reduce Emissions from Manure Lagoons While Capturing Nutrients?
Brian Dougherty, Myles Gray, Mark G. Johnson and Markus Kleber
Registration of Two Soybean Germplasm Lines Containing Leaf-Chewing Insect Resistance QTLs from PI 229358 and PI 227687 Introgressed into ‘Benning’
María A. Ortega, Lauren A. Lail, E. Dale Wood, John N. All, Zenglu Li, H. Roger Boerma and Wayne A. Parrott
Registration of ‘Pritchett’ Soft White Winter Club Wheat
Kim Garland-Campbell, Arron H. Carter, Stephen S. Jones, Xianming Chen, Patricia DeMacon, Ryan Higginbotham, Doug Engle, Stephen O. Guy, Chris C. Mundt, Timothy D. Murray, Craig F. Morris and Deven See
Methods of Agroclimatology: Modeling Approaches for Pests and Diseases
Simone Orlandini, Roger D. Magarey, Eun Woo Park, Marc Sporleder and Jürgen Kroschel

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