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Engineering Rhizosphere Hydraulics: Pathways to Improve Plant Adaptation to Drought
Mutez A. Ahmed, Mohsen Zarebanadkouki, Katayoun Ahmadi, Eva Kroener, Stanley Kostka, Anders Kaestner and Andrea Carminati
Spatiotemporal Analysis of Dissolved Organic Carbon and Nitrate in Waters of a Forested Catchment Using Wavelet Analysis
Susanne Weigand, Roland Bol, Barbara Reichert, Alexander Graf, Inge Wiekenkamp, Michael Stockinger, Andreas Luecke, Wolfgang Tappe, Heye Bogena, Thomas Puetz, Wulf Amelung and Harry Vereecken
X-ray Micro-CT: How Soil Pore Space Description Can Be Altered by Image Processing
Sarah Smet, Erwan Plougonven, Angélique Leonard, Aurore Degré and Eléonore Beckers
Phosphorus Binding to Nanoparticles and Colloids in Forest Stream Waters
Nina Gottselig, Volker Nischwitz, Thomas Meyn, Wulf Amelung, Roland Bol, Cynthia Halle, Harry Vereecken, Jan Siemens and Erwin Klumpp
GBS-Based Genomic Selection for Pea Grain Yield under Severe Terminal Drought
Paolo Annicchiarico, Nelson Nazzicari, Luciano Pecetti, Massimo Romani, Barbara Ferrari, Yanling Wei and E. Charles Brummer

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