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Evaluation of Fecal Indicators and Pathogens in a Beef Cattle Feedlot Vegetative Treatment System
Lisa M. Durso, Daniel N. Miller, Daniel D. Snow, Christopher G. Henry, Monica Santin and Bryan L. Woodbury
Soil Total Carbon and Crop Yield Affected by Crop Rotation and Cultural Practice
Upendra M. Sainju, Andrew W. Lenssen, Brett L. Allen, William B. Stevens and Jalal D. Jabro
Modified APEX model for Simulating Macropore Phosphorus Contributions to Tile Drains
William I. Ford, Kevin W. King, Mark R. Williams and Remegio B. Confesor
Response of Six Turfgrass Species and Four Weeds to Three HPPD-Inhibiting Herbicides
John R. Brewer, John Willis, Sandeep S. Rana and Shawn D. Askew

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