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Changes in Lignocellulosic Polymers, Carbon and Energy in Switchgrass for Bioenergy Production
Priya Saini, Jason P. de Koff, Abimbola Allison and Choo Hamilton
Biomass Production a Stronger Driver of Cellulosic Ethanol Yield than Biomass Quality
Gregg R. Sanford, Lawrence G. Oates, Sarah S. Roley, David S. Duncan, Randall D. Jackson, G. Philip Robertson and Kurt D. Thelen
Using Topsoil Thickness to Improve Site-Specific Phosphorus and Potassium Management on Claypan Soil
Lance S. Conway, Matt A. Yost, Newell R. Kitchen and Kenneth A. Sudduth
Light Supplement and Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Affect Yield and Quality of Off-Season Pepper
Xiaojie Li, Shaozhong Kang, Fusheng Li, Xiaotao Zhang, Zailin Huo, Risheng Ding, Ling Tong, Taisheng Du and Sien Li
Sowing Date and Cultivar Effects on Assimilate Translocation in Spring Mediterranean Chickpea
Sideris Fotiadis, Spyridon D. Koutroubas and Christos A. Damalas

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