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Impact of Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistance on Soybean Yield
Keith Rincker, Troy Cary and Brian W. Diers
Potential of Low-Coverage Genotyping-by-Sequencing and Imputation for Cost-Effective Genomic Selection in Biparental Segregating Populations
Gregor Gorjanc, Jean-Francois Dumasy, Serap Gonen, R. Chris Gaynor, Roberto Antolin and John M. Hickey
Genome-Wide Association Study of Developing Leaves’ Heat Tolerance during Vegetative Growth Stages in a Sorghum Association Panel
Junping Chen, Ratan Chopra, Chad Hayes, Geoffrey Morris, Sandeep Marla, John Burke, Zhanguo Xin and Gloria Burow
Resilience of Pollen and Post-Flowering Response in Diverse Sorghum Genotypes Exposed to Heat Stress under Field Conditions
V.S. John Sunoj, Impa M. Somayanda, Anuj Chiluwal, Ramasamy Perumal, P.V. Vara Prasad and S.V. Krishna Jagadish

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