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Broadening the Base, Narrowing the Task: Prioritizing Crop Wild Relative Taxa for Conservation Action
Shelagh P. Kell, Brian V. Ford-Lloyd, Joana Magos Brehm, José M. Iriondo and Nigel Maxted
Gene Action and Combining Ability for Certain Agronomic Traits in Red Rice Lines and Commercial Cultivars
Odilon Peixoto de Morais, José Almeida Pereira, Patrícia Guimarães Santos Melo, Paulo Henrique Ramos Guimarães and Orlando Peixoto de Morais
Meiotic Homoeologous Recombination-Based Alien Gene Introgression in the Genomics Era of Wheat
Wei Zhang, Yaping Cao, Mingyi Zhang, Xianwen Zhu, Shuangfeng Ren, Yuming Long, Yadav Gyawali, Shiaoman Chao, Steven Xu and Xiwen Cai

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