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Agronomy Journal Abstract -

Physiology of Oil Seeds III. Response of Initially High and Low Germinating 1,2 Spanish-type Peanut Seeds to Three Storage Environments1, 2


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  1. Vol. 63 No. 3, p. 435-438
    Received: Sept 19, 1970

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  1. D. L. Ketring3



Two lots of Spanish-type peanut seeds (Arachis pogaea L. var. Starr) were compared for their ability to remain viable under three environmental treatments. Temperature and relative humidities for treatments A, B and C were 21 ± 3C and 50 ± 5%, 3 ± 2C and 80 ± 15% and 3 ± 2C and 20 ± 10%, respectively. Initial germination of seed lots 1 and 2 were 81 ± 3% and 30 ± 8%. Seeds from both lots were exposed to treatments for up to 7 months. At monthly intervals .454 to .908-kg samples were placed in sealed containers. After about 8 months of storage, total germination, vigor, organic constituents and ethylene production by the seeds were compared for seeds from the sealed containers.

Relative to their initial germniation, lot 1 seeds were reduced 4, 63, and 5% and lot 2 seeds 43, 93, and 57% in total germination within 2 months of storage when placed in treatments A, B and C, respectively. The proportion of vigorous seedlings were reduced 19, 81 and 33% for lot 1 and 50, 100 and 50% for lot 2 seeds after the same time and treatments

Inorganic analyses showed that lot 1 seeds contained more calcium, potassium and zinc than lot 2 seeds. Organic analyses indicated that there was a decrease in total extractable nucleic acids when the seeds were stored in treatment B. Ethylene production by the seeds at 48 hours of germination was reduced 80% and 90% for lot 1 and lot 2 seeds, respectively, in treatment B. The deleterious effects on germination, vigor, nucleic acids and ethylene production of the seeds was apparently caused by high relative humidity, since a lower relative humidity at the same or a higher temperature did not cause these effects.

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