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  1. Vol. 72 No. 4, p. 609-613
    Received: Aug 9, 1979



Productivity - Leaf Nutrient Content Relationships Among 10 Virginia Peanut Genotypes1

  1. D. L. Hallock and
  2. T. A. Coffelt2

</h2><p id=""> <h3/> <p>Genotypes are known to differ in nutrient requirements. if there is a trend between productivity and the concentration of nutrients in peanut (<em>Arachis hypogoea L</em>.) foliage, this information may be useful in fertilization practices. Field studies were undertaken on Ruston and Woodstown loamy fine sands in 1976 and 1977, respectively, to provide a profile of the contents of P, K, Ca, Mg, B, Mn, Zn, and Cu in peanut leaf petioles and blades of 10 peanut genotypes sampled at mid-season and maturity. These contents were correlated to crop value, to determine significant relationships.</p> <p>Leaves of 'Florigiant' generally were higher in Mg, Zn, and Cu, 'GA C194 V-VV' in Ca and Mn, 'PI 366048' in P, 'NC 3033' in K and 'Early Bunch' in B than other genotypes. Contents of Ca, B, Mn, and Zn in leaves of NC 3033, Mg and P in 'UF 714021', Zn and Cu in Early Bunch, Cu and P in 'GK 3', K in PI 366048 and 'PI 370327', and P in 'NC 6' were generally lower than in other genotypes.</p> <p>One or more of the 64 simple correlations involving each nutrient was significant, except for Zn. Most occurred in 1976 data, a more productive year. The closest relationships were between crop value and contents of K, Ca, or Mn in mature leaf blades. Genotypes with higher crop value were somewhat higher in Ca, Mg, Mn, or B (in blades) and lower in K, P, B (in petioles), or Cu (in blades). Among the new genotypes studied, the K, Ca, and Mn fertilization requirements of NC 3033 may differ from most of the others.</p>   Please view the pdf by using the Full Text (PDF) link under 'View' to the left.<p><span><span xmlns="">Copyright © . </span>. </span></p></p></div></div></div></div></div></div> </div> </div> </div> <div id="three"> <div class="inside_three"> <div id="sidebar-right" class="sidebar"> <div id="block-acsJavascriptBlocks-3" class="clear-block block block-acsJavascriptBlocks "> <h2>Google Translate</h2> <div class="content"> <div id="google_translate_element"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> function googleTranslateElementInit() { new google.translate.TranslateElement({pageLanguage: 'en', layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.SIMPLE}, 'google_translate_element'); } </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="//translate.google.com/translate_a/element.js?cb=googleTranslateElementInit"></script> </div> </div> <div id="block-acsMarkLogic-14" class="clear-block block block-acsMarkLogic "> <div class="content"> <style type="text/css"> table.siqStats { border: solid 1px #e8eef4; 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