Fig. 1.

Geographical distribution of three agroecological zones and test locations for the agronomic assessment of ethanol feedstocks in western Canada from 2006 to 2009.


Fig. 2.

Biplot (mean on y axis vs. CV on x axis) summarized across and by agroecological zone for response variables of yield (Mg ha–1), aboveground biomass (Mg ha–1), and days to maturity in three agroecological zones collected at locations in western Canada from 2006 to 2009. In addition to cultivar estimates (filled circles), crop class estimates are also provided for, Canada western soft white spring wheat (CWSWS, star), Canada western red spring wheat (CWRS, ×), Canada prairie spring white wheat (CPS White, ▲), and Canada prairie spring red wheat (CPS Red, +). Grouping categories for each quadrat of biplot: Group I—high mean, low variability; Group II—high mean, high variability; Group III—low mean, high variability; Group IV—low mean, low variability.


Fig. 3.

Biplot of agronomic responses of cultivars generated with multidimensional preference analysis for data collected at locations within three agroecological zones in western Canada from 2006 to 2009. The percentage of the variance explained by each component (x axis = first component and y axis = second component) is indicated on the respective axes.