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Book: Proceedings of the Second International Turfgrass Research Conference
Published by: American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America



  1.  p. 120-130
    Proceedings of the Second International Turfgrass Research Conference

    Eliot C. Roberts (ed.)

    ISBN: 978-0-89118-573-4


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Effects of nitrogen fertilization on nitrate movements under turfgrass1

  1. P. E. Rieke and
  2. B. G. Ellis


Several nitrogen treatments were applied to ‘Merion’ Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) on two sites: a fine sandy loam and a heavily irrigated sand. Soil NO3-N content was determined every 2 weeks during the 1970 and 1971 growing seasons at depths of 0 to 15, 15 to 30, 30 to 45, and 45 to 60 cm. On the fine sandy loam site there was some movement of NO3-N downward when 2.9 kg N/100 m2 was applied as NH4NO3 in one application in the spring. However, NO3-N was not increased due to treatment in the 45 to 60-cm depth during either season. Significant leaching occurred on the sandy site from the excessive treatment of 3.9 kg N/100 m2 applied in the spring as NH4NO3. Leaching of NO3-N in the sand soil was markedly reduced when the 3.9 kg/100 m2 treatment was divided into three applications during the season.

Slow-release N carriers (activated sewage sludge, ureaformaldehyde, isobutylidenediurea) seldom resulted in soil NO3-N levels greater than the untreated plot. When reasonable N fertilizer programs are followed on turf there is not a significant potential for NO3-N leaching except on heavily irrigated sands. Careful application of both N and water will reduce leaching of NO3-N on such sites. Additional index words: Nitrogen carriers, Nitrate leaching, Irrigation, Turfgrass quality, Poa pratensis.

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