Corn Improvement Conference, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio, ca. 1935 Left to right: standing, G.H. Stringfield, M.T. Meyers, G.F. Sprague, J.F. Trots, G.M. Smith, R.R. St. John, F.D. Richey, A.A. Bryan, A.M. Brunson, Neil Stevens, R. Salter, and C.G. Williams; kneeling, Boyd Frye, P.E. Hoppe, R.W. Jugenheimer, J.R. Holbert, M.T. Jenkins, J.D. Sayre, and V. Morris


Corn Improvement Conference, Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, Indiana, ca. 1940 Left to right: front row, unknown, R.D. Lewis, Gene Auchter, F.D. Richey, R.W. Jugenheimer, J.R. Holbert, A.A. Bryan, M.T. Meyers, R.W. Sampson, and unknown; second row, unknown, Neil Stevens, M.T. Jenkins, M.M. Rhoades, T.A. Kisselbach, unknown, J.B. Park, Seveking, Kraybill, and Boyd Frye; third row, M.O. Pence, R.A. Brink, A.M. Brunson, P.E. Hoppe, G.F. Sprague, Aamodt, Tucker, Green, J.F. Trost, and Vince Morris; fourth row, unknown, J.G. Dickson, C.R. Burnham, G.H. Stringfield, R.R. St. John, G.N. Hoffer. L.J. Stadler, and G.M. Smith