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Book: Agronomists and Food: Contributions and Challenges
Published by: American Society of Agronomy



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    ASA Special Publication 30.
    Agronomists and Food: Contributions and Challenges

    Marlowe D. Thorne (ed.)

    ISBN: 978-0-89118-296-2

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Front Matter


The annual meeting of our Societies in our nation's Bicentennial year provided an appropriate forum for reviewing the contributions of agronomists and for examining the challenges ahead. This Special Publication will provide a lasting record of many of the special addresses given at the 1976 annual meeting. This publication takes its title from the theme of the meetings. It focuses both the past and the future on mankind's greatest need—food for the world's ever-growing population.

Included in this Special Publication are the Keynote Address, the two papers given in the ASA Special Session and the three in the CSSA-SSSA Joint Session. In addition there are three of the Landmark or Bicentennial papers presented in some ASA and CSSA division commemorative sessions by outstanding members of the division. Thus we have in this volume both general and specific reviews of our professional history and achievements and an abundance of challenges for the years ahead.

The officers of the American Society of Agronomy are proud to present to our members, colleagues, and friends this Special Publication which we hope will serve as an inspiration and a stimulus to all who are truly concerned about adequate food for the people of the world.

Marlowe D. Thorne, President

American Society of Agronomy



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