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Book: Research on Water
Published by: American Society of Agronomy



This chapter in RESEARCH ON WATER

  1.  p. i-vi
    ASA Special Publication 4.
    Research on Water

    T.J. Army (ed.)

    ISBN: 978-0-89118-271-9

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Front Matter


Man's future depends on his wise and effective use of water. Water in ever increasing quantities is needed for the production and processing of food for the dramatically expanding populations of the world. The maintenance of even primitive health standards requires good water, and our modern industrial economies would flounder without it.

As man has become more aware of these needs, he has sought means of assuring himself of an adequate supply of good water. In some cases, he has accomplished this objective by applying simple common-sense regulations for using water. In a more dramatic way, he has built giant dams and reservoirs and diverted water from its natural channels for storage, recreational, and purification purposes. Whether by a simple or complex approach, man has made progress in improving water utilization only as fast as he has gained new knowledge about water and how it can be handled, purified, and otherwise made more useful. As we look to the future, we must rely more and more on research to provide information which will help us to utilize effectively this most important natural resource.

The amount and the quality of water available to man depend to no small degree on the effective management of the soils over and through which the water must flow. Conversely, the stability and productivity of soils depend to a large extent upon proper conservation and management of water. It is quite appropriate, therefore, that the efforts of soil and water scientists be combined in presenting and publishing this important symposium on water resources research. It is also appropriate that the symposium should have been sponsored by the two Societies most concerned with soil and water in this country — the Soil Science Society of America and the Soil Conservation Society of America.

The Soil Science Society of America is proud to publish the papers of this symposium as its first publication in the new ASA Special Publication Series. This series provides a publication channel for groups of papers on a common subject which are more appropriately published in a separate volume rather than in the well-established research journal of our Society, the Soil Science Society of America Proceedings.

Nyle C. Brady, President

Soil Science Society of America

Washington, D.C.

May 1964



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