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Why publish a book?

Although the answer to the question “why publish a book?” is ultimately a personal one for many scientists, we recognize that it influences what can be a significant decision. We can point to numerous satisfied book authors and editors we have worked with in bringing their book ideas to life.book readers at Annual Meeting

Create lasting impact in the scientific community

A book publication, for many, represents a capstone to a scientific or academic career as its relevance and value can last for years. A book publication provides the rewarding opportunity to synthesize a wide range of information and knowledge within one subject area that conveys critical concepts to large audiences. Serving as an editor or contributor to an impactful and seminal book publication can propel you forward in your field and result in long lasting recognition.

Supplement your research

Collaborations of this kind allow for a more streamlined process when you choose to publish, in book format, the research you present at Society symposia, meetings and conferences.

Why publish with us?

Receive rigorous peer review

Our ASA, CSSA, SSSA book publishing program continues to incorporate a rigorous scientific peer review process in the development of all book content, unlike many commercial publishing houses. In addition, we provide individualized attention and encourage your involvement throughout every step of book development and production.

Get editorial guidance

We also offer extensive editorial support throughout production of your book and post-production services that include indexing, coding and marketing. Upon completion of your book we digitize all published works for inclusion in our ACSESS Digital Library as well as offer print copies for sale.

Reach a global audience

Our offerings reach a wide audience - from children to scholars, from extension educators to university professors, from those highly experienced in field research to those new to our disciplines. We publish a variety of titles with an emphasis on the Societies’ missions of advancing the knowledge of plants, soils, water, and the environment; the production and quality of food, feed, and fiber; and the sustainability of soils, the environment, and society. Our well rounded collection of books includes textbooks, professional guides, special topics books, multimedia presentations, children’s books, and the highly regarded Agronomy Monographs, SSSA Book Series, Special Publication Series, and Advances in Agricultural Systems Modeling Series. Please browse our complete selection in the ACSESS Digital Library.

All digital content is made available through our ACSESS Digital Library where it can reach readers andsubscribers around the globe. With the digitization of ALL our books, individual chapters are downloadable and much more discoverable, similar to individual journal articles.

This is made evident via:

  • The 209% increase in book downloads from our Digital Library in just one year (2012 to 2013)
  • Over 720 different institutions (including academic, government and corporate) with DL subscriptions
  • Nearly 2000 individual member subscribers
  • Readership across 220 different countries around the world.

Our service to the science community

The Societies work every day to provide career development services and science policy counsel and analysis in an effort to advance goals within the fields of agriculture, environment, and natural resources.

ASA, CSSA, SSSA member Dr. Lajpat Ahuja, book author and lead editor of the highly successful book series Advances in Agricultural Systems Modeling, shares his feelings about why he continues to choose to publish with us:

lajpat ahuja

I decided to initiate this book series with the Societies, rather than with a large publishing company, because I believe the Societies represent (1) a broader and non-profit forum to advance the science and technology of systems modeling through collaborative international contributions, and (2) a more trustworthy forum to advance applications of models in field research. Furthermore, I believe that publishing with the Societies is more beneficial to my profession.

I wanted to achieve quality in this new book series by way of emphasizing originality of the contributions and through anonymous peer reviews of the articles, just as with journal papers. I think this goal of quality is best achieved through publishing with the Societies.

I consider my work with the Societies’ book publications program as a service to the human society and the profession. It represents my payback to the Societies that I feel good about.

Lajpat Ahuja
Agricultural Systems Research Unit

If you have an idea for a new book, book series, or multimedia publication, please consider submitting a book proposal form. Any questions about the book proposal form can be directed to Danielle Lynch, Managing Editor, at dlynch@sciencesocieties.org.