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Instructions for Potential Book Authors

The following information outlines the various steps involved in publishing a book with the ASA, CSSA, SSSA.

Obtain and become familiar with our book proposal form – request a book publication proposal form by contacting Danielle Lynch, Managing Editor, at dlynch@sciencesocieties.org or download one from our website. Please ask for guidance with any questions on the proposal form that are not clear.

Submit proposal form – email us your completed proposal. We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal, review it for general information and contact you if we have any questions or suggestions to strengthen the content.

Proposal review process – our volunteer ASA, CSSA, SSSA Book Committee, comprised of 20 members representing all three Societies, reviews all book proposals. The time required for completion of a proposal review is approximately 2–8 weeks depending on the number of book proposals currently waiting for review (we will let you know approximately when you can expect to receive a decision). Book Committee Chair, Dr. April Ulery, will contact you by email with the Committee’s decision to either accept, reject, or request a revision of your proposal.

Once accepted – we will send you a book contract and copyright form, along with a helpful “author checklist” and information about obtaining permission from other publishers to reprint any previously published material. Upon receipt of your signed contract and copyright form we will issue an advance in royalties.  

Who receives and how much in royalties? The lead editor or author of a book publication receives an advance in royalties (typically $500). We offer a total of 2% gross of print sales, payable once the amount of the advance has been surpassed through sales. All individual contributors of a book publication receive a complimentary print copy of the book.

Development period – once we receive your signed book contract your book is officially in development. This period includes the writing of all chapters, uploading of all chapters, individual peer review (at least two reviews required for each chapter/article), and any necessary revisions of chapters. We use Manuscript Central as our tracking system in the management of this process. Book editors are expected to keep their contributing authors on task and adherent to determined deadlines for each step of the process. Final, approved versions of each chapter are then uploaded for receipt by our book publications staff. Questions about style and book production that arise during development can be directed to the Managing Editor, Lisa Al-Amoodi at dlynch@sciencesocieties.org.

Production period – when all final versions of chapters are received by our office we are ready to begin production of your publication. This includes copyediting, proofreading, collection and approval of all figures, graphs, tables, images, and artwork, layout and design, creation and distribution of galley proofs, development of front matter, and indexing if appropriate. The final steps of production include assigning ISBNs and DOIs, registration of copyright and depositing in the Library of Congress, digitization and placement in our Digital Library. On average it takes approximately six months from the time we begin production to the actual publication of your book.

Launch of your book – when you publish with the Societies you also benefit from our marketing and promotion efforts. We offer purchase of your book through our ACSESS Digital Library (full book or individual chapter download is available), as well as printed copies through print-on-demand. Print copies are made available on Amazon.com and are presented to Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Yankee Book Peddler, and other outlets. We promote your book through our numerous Societies’ magazines, journals, email blasts, Digital Library ads, website ads, book reviews, and if possible, book signing and other promotional events at the ASA, CSSA, SSSA Annual Meeting.