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Book: North American Agroforestry: An Integrated Science and Practice 2nd edition, 2009
Published by: American Society of Agronomy


From large-scale installations of riparian buffers to family-scale forest farming, agroforestry is a technology that has truly “come of age.” Creating consumer markets for forest-grown products, reducing nonpoint source pollution, protecting waterfowl habitat, diversifying small farm operations—these are just a few of the ways agroforestry is moving to the forefront. The second edition of North American Agroforestry: An Integrated Science and Practice adds to the excitement and builds upon the science. Readers will learn the fundamentals of the main agroforestry practices, with detailed case studies and examples, as well as strategies for addressing the financial viability of new practices, marketing, and navigating policy. In addition to updating the original topics, this edition includes a discussion of tree–crop interactions, agroforestry product markets and marketing, and wildlife benefits. Each chapter includes a set of study questions.

Table of Contents