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Book: Soil Carbon Sequestration and the Greenhouse Effect, SSSA Special Publications 57, 2009
Published by: Soil Science Society of America


The concept of the Greenhouse Effect is more than a century old, but today the observed and predicted climate changes attributed to anthropogenic increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide more urgently ask the question, what can be done? The second edition of Soil Carbon Sequestration and the Greenhouse Effect is essential reading for understanding the processes, properties, and practices affecting the soil carbon pool and its dynamics. New themes addressed are urban soils, minesoils, biochemically recalcitrant compounds, carbonaceous materials, belowground carbon storage by woody plants, and peat soils. The geographic focus of the book is North America, with important chapters from Canada and Mexico. Thematically, the second edition encompasses data from modeling, lab analyses, plot studies, landscape assessment, and regional evaluation of soil carbon pools and fluxes.

Table of Contents