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Most-Read Papers

The most-read papers from May 2018.

Industrial Hemp Response to Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Fertilization
Marie-Pier Aubin, Philippe Seguin, Anne Vanasse, Gaëtan F. Tremblay, Arif F. Mustafa and Jean-Benoit Charron
Yield-Based Corn Planting Date Recommendation Windows for Iowa
Lori J. Abendroth, Krishna P. Woli, Anthony J.W. Myers and Roger W. Elmore
Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application for Annual Ryegrass Overseeded into Unimproved Perennial Warm-season Pasture
P. W. Bartholomew
Buffalograss Exhibits Adequate Turf Tolerance to Postemergence Herbicides Applied During or Shortly After Greenup
Luqi Li, Matthew Sousek, Roch Gaussoin and Zachary Reicher
Documenting Trends in Land-Use Characteristics and Environmental Stewardship Programs on US Golf Courses
Wendy D. Gelernter, Larry J. Stowell, Mark E. Johnson and Clark D. Brown
On-Farm Winter Wheat Response to Nitrogen-, Phosphorus-, Potassium-, and Sulfur-Rich Strips in Oklahoma
M. Joy M. Abit, Lance M. Shepherd, David A. Marburger and D. Brian Arnall
Grazing Evaluation of Annual and Perennial Cool-Season Forage Systems for Stocker Production in the Lower Transition Zone
Robert W. Mckee, Jennifer J. Tucker, M. Kimberly Mullenix, Christopher Prevatt and Edzard van Santen
Documenting Trends in Water Use and Conservation Practices on U.S. Golf Courses
Wendy D. Gelernter, Larry J. Stowell, Mark E. Johnson, Clark D. Brown and Joseph F. Beditz
Foliar and Granular Fertilizer Effects on Creeping Bentgrass and Soil Nutrient Levels
Miyuan Xiao, Kevin W. Frank and Thomas A. Nikolai
Steer and Pasture Productivity Influenced by Intensive Early Stocking plus Late Season Grazing
Clenton E. Owensby and Lisa M. Auen