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Barriers to entry and/or success.

Immigrant/Refugee Farmers (11) New Farmers (8) Organic Farmers (15)
Agricultural and technical competency Limited availability of production information
Limited availability of market information
Access to resources for small farmers, Agricultural Support Services Access to information and education Limited access to production information
Limited access to market information
Training in management systems
Access to credit and capital Access to financial support Cost of conversion-related investments
Access to land Access to land
Access to markets Access to markets
Racial and cultural discrimination
Immigration history and emotional well being

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Education and support programs by type of producer.

Program Beginning Immigrant Organic Sustain- ableag focus
CSA Learning Center at Angelics Organics (IL) X X X
Intervale (VT) (12) X X X
New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (MA) (Endnote 7) X X
New Farmer Development Project (NY) Council on the Environment of New York City (Endnote 8) X X
Center for Lation Farmers (WA) X
Farm Beginnings (MN+) Land Stewardship Project (14) X X
Grow Alabama X X X
New Farm X X X (FarmSelect Transition toOrganic) X
Minnesota Food Association X X X X
Southside Community Land Trust (CT) X X X X
New Immigrant Farm Program, UMN/Center for Rural Design X X X
Southeast Immigrant Farm Partners (GA) X X X X
Clallam County Sustainable Farming Program (WA) X X
Washington State University Small Farms Team X X X
Marin Organic (CA) X X
Small Farm Resource & Training Center (CA) X X