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Assessment of organic farming's impact on the environment compared to conventional farming (18).

INDICATORS + + + o - - -
Ecosystem X
 Floral diversity X
 Faunal diversity X
 Habitat diversity X
 Landscape X
Soil X
 Soil organic matter X
 Biological activity X
 Structure X
 Erosion X
Ground and surface water X
 Nitrate leaching X
 Pesticides X
Climate and air X
 CO2 X
 N2O X
 CH4 X
 NH3 X
 Pesticides X
Farm input and output X
 Nutrient use X
 Water use X
 Energy use X
Animal health and welfare X
 Husbandry X
 Health X
Organic farming performance: ++ much better, + better, o the same, - worse, - - much worse than conventional farming; if no data was available, the rating was “o the same”
Subjective confidence interval of the final assessment which is marked with X.