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The number of USDA/ARS scientists and locations conducting organic research.

State Location Number of scientists Disciplines represented
Arkansas Booneville 1 Agronomy
California Davis 1 Plant pathology
Parlier 4 Entomology, plant pathology, soil science
Salinas 2 Horticulture, plant pathology
Shafter 1 Entomology
Colorado Fort Collins 1 Soil science
Florida Fort Pierce 2 Microbiology, plant pathology
Gainesville 2 Entomology
Miami 1 Chemistry
Georgia Athens 1 Microbiology
Dawson 2 Food technology, plant physiology
Tifton 4 Entomology, plant pathology
Iowa Ames 5 Agronomy, entomology, soil science, plant pathology
Idaho Kimberly 1 Soil science
Kansas Manhattan 2 Entomology
Maryland Beltsville 14 Agronomy, chemistry, genetics, microbiology, plant physiology, soil science, weed science, zoology
Minnesota Morris 5 Agronomy, plant physiology, soil science
St. Paul 1 Soil science
Missouri Columbia 2 Chemistry, microbiology
Mississippi Oxford 1 Agronomy
Mississippi State 1 Entomology
Poplarville 1 Entomology
North Dakota Mandan 1 Soil science
Nebraska Lincoln 2 Soil science
New York Ithaca 1 Ecology
Oklahoma Lane 3 Agronomy, entomology, plant physiology
Oregon Corvallis 4 Entomologist, plant pathology
Pennsylvania Wyndmoor 3 Chemistry, microbiology
South Carolina Florence 1 Genetics
Texas Weslaco 2 Soil science
Utah Logan 1 Entomology
Washington Prosser 1 Plant physiology
Pullman 1 Soil science
Wapato 6 Entomology
Wenatchee 2 Plant pathology, plant physiology
West Virginia Beaver 3 Plant physiology, soil science
Kearneysville 3 Entomology, soil science