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This article in CS

  1. Vol. 39 No. 4, p. 1044-1048
    Received: July 1, 1998

    * Corresponding author(s): kianian@badlands.NoDak.edu
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Linkage between the Centromere and a Gene Producing Nucleocytoplasmic Compatibility in Durum Wheat

  1. S. S. Maan,
  2. L. R. Joppa and
  3. S. F. Kianian 
  1. Dep. of Plant Sciences, North Dakota State Univ., Fargo ND 58105;
    USDA-ARS Northern Crop Science Lab., Box 5677, North Dakota State Univ., Fargo, ND 58105.



Species cytoplasm specific (scs) genes on chromosome 1A) (1Ascs) derived from Triticum timopheevii Zhuk. and chromosome 1D) (1Dscs) derived from common wheat improve compatibility between the durum wheat (T. turgidum L. var. durum) nucleus and Aegilops longissima S. & M. (lo) cytoplasm. The (lo) scs durum lines thus produced are male sterile and when crossed with durum produce viable plump seeds carrying scs and inviable shriveled seeds without scs. Objectives of the present study were to determine centromere-scs linkage distances and viability and transmission of female gametes carrying one or both scs genes. The (lo) scs durum heterozygous for 1A/1Ascs was crossed with the Langdon (LDN) durum disomic substitution line 1Dscs(1A) in which the 1A chromosome pair is substituted by a 1Dscs pair. Two types of 1A + 1D double monosomic F1s were recovered, (lo) durum 13″ + 1′1Ascs + 1′1Dscs, and (lo) durum 13″ + 1′1A + 1′1Dscs, which were confirmed in progeny tests with normal durum. For centromere mapping, these lines were crossed with LDN double diteiosomic 1A (LDN dDt 1A; 2n = 30; 13″ + t″1AS + t″1AL) and progeny examined for meiotic chromosomec onstitution. No telocentric trict1ALscs arising from recombination with 1Ascs was detected, indicating that scs is tightly finked to the centromere on chromosome 1A. To determine the transmission of female gametes carrying one or both scs genes, (lo) durum 13″ + 1′1Ascs + 1′1Dscs was crossed with LDN dDt 1A and control durum. The functional female gametes carried one or both scs genes. Crosses of (lo) durum 13″ + 1′1A + 1′1Dscs to LDN dDt 1A produced several plants with a T1AL.1DL translocation chromosome. The formation of this chromosome was coupled with strong selection for the scs gene on 1DL.

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