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A New Soybean Maturity and Photoperiod-Sensitivity Locus Linked to E1 and T


This article in CS

  1. Vol. 41 No. 3, p. 698-701
    Received: Sept 24, 1999

    * Corresponding author(s): coberer@em.agr.ca
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  1. Elroy R. Cober * and
  2. Harvey D. Voldeng
  1. Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre, Agric. & Agri-Food Canada, Bldg. #110, Central Exp. Farm, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0C6


An association between early maturity and tawny pubescence has been observed in short-season soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]. The objectives of this study were to determine if a single locus controls early maturity; and if there is a new locus linked to E1 and T or, alternatively, a third allele at the E1 locus. A cross was made between ‘Harosoy’ isolines OT89-5 (e3e3 e4e4) and OT94-47. PI 196529 was the donor of early maturity in the backcrossing program which developed OT94-47. A total of 229 F2 plants and the parents were grown under 20-h photoperiods produced by incandescent lamps. OT94-47 flowered in 43 ± 1.4 d, OT89-5 flowered later in 57 ± 4.2 d, and the F2 population fit a 3 late: 1 early flowering ratio. Early-flowering F2 plants produced F3 families that flowered similarly to OT94-47. Later-flowering F2 plants either segregated for flowering date or flowered similarly to OT89-5. To test for allelism with E1 and linkage with T, a cross was made between OT93-26 (E1E1 e3e3 e4e4 TT) and OT94-47. F2 plants were classified as parental types or intermediate and equivalent to OT89-5 in maturity. Maturity and pubescence color were recorded in 376 F3 progeny rows. The data did not fit a single locus model or a two loci dominant epistasis model (12:3:1). The E7 allele was partially, but not completely, dominant over the e7 allele. Therefore, a new locus E7 is proposed. Using the F3 segregation data, linkage between T and E1 was estimated to be 1.3 ± 0.6 centimorgan (cM). Linkage between E1 and E7 was estimated to be 6.2 cM and linkage between E7 and T was estimated to be 3.9 cM. E7 is a new flowering, maturity, and photoperiod sensitivity locus tightly linked to both E1 and T E7E7 results in later flowering and maturity, and sensitivity to long photoperiods produced by incandescent lamps when compared to e7e7

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Copyright © 2001. Crop Science Society of AmericaPublished in Crop Sci.41:698–701.