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  1. Vol. 6 No. 6, p. 571-573
    Received: June 9, 1966

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Observations on Segregation for Solid and Hollow Stems and Certain Other Characters in Five Hexaploid by Tetraploid Triticum Crosses1

  1. Carl R. Haun2



With the objective of transferring sawfly resistance to a common winter wheat, and at the same time obtaining a good winter-habit feed wheat, ‘Yogo’ winter wheat was crossed with five tetraploids. Selections were observed in F2, F3, and F4 populations. Wide segregation occurred for several characters, including spike type, awn expression, kernel weight, protein content of the grain, and glume color; and many plants were unlike either parent in one or more characters. Segregates with solidness of stem appeared in the progeny of all five crosses, although all of the wheats used as parents had hollow stems. PMC's were examined, but no correlation between chromosomal complements and plant characters was attempted. Interactions among genes in the three genomes, translocations, pleiotropism, and other genetic phenomena, or combinations of these influences must account for the diversity of segregation, including the formation of pith in culms of some of the hybrids. Considering the variety of genotypic and phenotypic expressions, it would seem that crosses between many hexaploid and tetraploid wheats now available would supply a large, productive reservoir from which to select desirable plant characters.

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