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Three dimensions of water control.

Dimension Association/Meaning Disciplines Example references
Technical control Guiding–manipulating–mastering of physical processes (Civil) engineering, soil mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology, agronomy, meteorology, agro-ecology Plusquellec et al. (1994, p. 35)
Organizational control Commanding–managing of people's behavior Management science, extension science, public administration, organization sociology Hunt (1990, p. 144); Huppert (1989, p. 35); Lowdermilk (1990, p. 155)
Socioeconomic and political control Domination of people('s labor)Regulation of social processes Political economy, economics, rural sociology, political science, social and cultural anthropology, gender studies, agrarian history, law Stone (1984, p. 202); Boyce (1987, p. 198–199, 229, 233); Enge and Whiteford (1989, p. 5–7)
Source: Adapted from Table 2.1 in Mollinga (2003, p. 38).