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Crop Science | Most Cited and Most Read Papers



Most-Read Papers

The most-read papers from October 2017.

Bringing New Plant Varieties to Market: Plant Breeding and Selection Practices Advance Beneficial Characteristics while Minimizing Unintended Changes
Kevin C. Glenn, Ben Alsop, Erin Bell, Mike Goley, Jonathan Jenkinson, Bing Liu, Cheryl Martin, Wayne Parrott, Chris Souder, Oscar Sparks, William Urquhart, Jason M. Ward and John L. Vicini
Biofortification—A Sustainable Agricultural Strategy for Reducing Micronutrient Malnutrition in the Global South 
Howarth E. Bouis and Ross M. Welch
A Two-Part Strategy for Using Genomic Selection to Develop Inbred Lines
R. Chris Gaynor, Gregor Gorjanc, Alison R. Bentley, Eric S. Ober, Phil Howell, Robert Jackson, Ian J. Mackay and John M. Hickey
The Future of Food: Scenarios for 2050 
Bernard Hubert, Mark Rosegrant, Martinus A. J. S. van Boekel and Rodomiro Ortiz
Status of Global Pearl Millet Breeding Programs and the Way Forward
Desalegn D. Serba, Ramasamy Perumal, Tesfaye T. Tesso and Doohong Min
Speed of germination—aid in selection and evaluation for seedling emergence and vigor
James D. Maguire
A New Insight into Corn Yield:Trends from 1987 through 2015
Yared Assefa, P. V. Vara Prasad, Paul Carter, Mark Hinds, Gaurav Bhalla, Ryan Schon, Mark Jeschke, Steve Paszkiewicz and Ignacio A. Ciampitti
Genomic Prediction in a Large African Maize Population
Vahid Edriss, Yanxin Gao, Xuecai Zhang, MacDonald Bright Jumbo, Dan Makumbi, Michael Scott Olsen, José Crossa, Kevin C. Packard and Jean-Luc Jannink
Phenotypic Diversity for Seed Mineral Concentration in North American Dry Bean Germplasm of Middle American Ancestry
Phillip E. McClean, Samira Mafi Moghaddam, Ana-Flor Lopéz-Millán, Mark A. Brick, James D. Kelly, Phillip N. Miklas, Juan Osorno, Timothy G. Porch, Carlos A. Urrea, Ali Soltani and Michael A. Grusak
Growth and Yield Responses of Field-Grown Sweetpotato to Elevated Carbon Dioxide
P. K. Biswas, D. R. Hileman, P. P. Ghosh, N. C. Bhattacharya and J. N. McCrimmon


Most-Cited Papers

The most-cited papers based on data from Google Scholar (last updated 11/13/2017).

Article Citations
Stability parameters for comparing varieties
S. A. Eberhart and W. A. Russell
Speed of germination—aid in selection and evaluation for seedling emergence and vigor
James D. Maguire
Stage of development descriptions for soybeans, Glycine max (L.) Merrill
W. R. Fehr, C. E. Caviness, D. T. Burmood and J. S. Pennington
Vigor determination in soybean seed by multiple criteria
Aref A. Abdul-Baki and James D. Anderson
Plant regeneration from tissue cultures of maize
C. E. Green and R. L. Phillips
Growth analysis formulae-their use and abuse
P. J. Radford
Implications of Genotype-Environmental Interactions in Applied Plant Breeding
R. W. Allard and A. D. Bradshaw
Inbreeding depression, inbred and hybrid grain yields, and other traits of maize genotypes representing three eras
M. R. Meghji, J. W. Dudley, R. J. Lambert and G. F. Sprague
An integrated genetic linkage map of the soybean genome
P.B. Cregan, T. Jarvik, A. L. Bush, R. C. Shoemaker, K. G. Lark, A. L. Kahler, N. Kaya, T. T. VanToai, D. G. Lohnes, J. Chung and J. E. Specht
Stability analysis: where do we stand?
C. S. Lin, M. R. Binns and L. P. Lefkovitch