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About CSA News magazine

CSA News is the official magazine for members of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America. CSA News online is available to current members/subscribers. Not a member but want to subscribe? Learn how>>

Online ISSN: 2325-3584 | Print ISSN: 1529-9163

The views in CSA News do not necessarily reflect an endorsement by the publishers. CSA News may use trade names of some products. No endorsement of these products is intended, nor is any criticism implied of similar products not mentioned. Public domain images are often used to complement articles. Individuals shown in these images are not necessarily associated with the article or endorse its content.


Jessica G. Davis (ASA), E. Charles Brummer (CSSA), and
Andrew N. Sharpley (SSSA)

Chief Executive Officer

Ellen G.M. Bergfeld


Elizabeth Guertal (ASA), C. Wayne Smith (CSSA), and David Myrold (SSSA)

Director of Publications

Bill Cook (608-268-4974 or bcook@sciencesocieties.org)

Magazine Staff

Managing Editor: Matt Nilsson (608-268-4968 or news@sciencesocieties.org)
Science Editor: Tracy Hmielowski (608-268-3973 or thmielowski@sciencesocieties.org)


Display ads: Matthew Thomasson (matthew@mohanna.com or 214-291-3656)
Career Center job listings: www.careerplacement.org, jobs@sciencesocieties.org or 608-273-8080


If you have general questions about getting the magazine (including address changes) or about the Societies, call 608-273-8080 or email headquarters@sciencesocieties.org
If you have questions about contributing content: Email news@sciencesocieties.org or call 608-268-4968.


ASA: facebook.com/ASA.agronomy
CSSA: facebook.com/CSSA.crops
SSSA: facebook.com/SSSA.soils
SASES: facebook.com/SASES.students
CCA: facebook.com/CCA.certifiedcropadviser


ASA, CSSA, and SSSA: twitter.com/asa_cssa_sssa
SSSA: twitter.com/SSSA_soils

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