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Journal of Animal Science Abstract -

Soybean Hulls as an Energy Supplement for the Grazing Ruminant1


This article in JAS

  1. Vol. 66 No. 11, p. 2959-2964
    Received: Nov 9, 1987
    Accepted: Feb 16, 1988


  1. S. J. Anderson2,
  2. J. K. Merrill3 and
  3. T. J. Klopfenstein
  1. University of Nebraska4, Lincoln 68583



Five grazing trials were conducted, utilizing growing beef calves maintained on either smooth brome (Bromus inermis) or corn residue pastures, to compare soybean hulls with corn as an energy supplement. In Trial 1, steers grazing fall smooth brome pastures and supplemented with either corn or whole soyhulls tended (P = .15) to gain faster than steers given no energy supplement. Response to corn or soyhulls was not different (P > .05). In Trial 2, treatments were arranged factorially (4 × 2) with energy source (no supplement, corn, pelleted ground or whole soyhulls) and rotation vs nonrotation of animals among pastures as factors. Supplemented cattle gained faster (P < .05) than unsupplemented cattle (.77 vs .60 kg/d). Gain response to pelleted ground or whole soyhull supplements was similar to response to corn. In Trials 3 and 4, calves grazing cornstalks and supplemented with corn or whole soyhulls gained faster (P < .01) than calves not supplemented with energy. Three regimens of supplementing soyhulls to steers grazing smooth brome pastures all season long were evaluated in Trial 5. On the average, soyhull supplementation improved (P < .01) gain compared to no supplementation. Matching the supplement program to forage production further improved animal performance. Supplying the same total amount of soyhulls either by supplying it only during the last half of the season or by gradually increasing the daily amount over the season improved (P < .01) gain compared with supplying a constant daily amount of soyhulls throughout the season. Soyhulls were similar in energy value to corn when used to supplement the grazing beef animal.

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