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Journal of Animal Science Abstract - Breeding and Genetics

0328 Genomic and polygenic evaluations for milk and fat yields in Holstein upgraded Thai dairy cattle.


This article in JAS

  1. Vol. 94 No. supplement5, p. 157-158
    Published: November 9, 2016


  1. D. Jattawa1,
  2. M. A. Elzo *1,
  3. S. Koonawootrittriron2 and
  4. T. Suwanasopee2
  1. 1 University of Florida, Gainesville
    2 Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand


The objectives of this study were to compare variance components, genetic parameters, prediction accuracies, and ranking of animals for 305-d milk yield (MY) and 305-d fat yield (FY) in a Holstein upgraded Thai dairy population using two genomic models and a polygenic model (PM). One genomic model utilized 7656 SNP (GM7K) and the other one used 74,144 actual and imputed 80K SNP (GM80K). Phenotypic and pedigree data were from 8361 first-lactation cows located in 810 farms that had their first calving between 1989 and 2014. Variance components and genetic parameters were estimated using REML procedures. Fixed effects were contemporary group (herd-year-season), calving age and heterosis. Random effects were animal additive genetic and residual. Estimates of variance components and heritabilities for MY and FY from GM80K were the highest, followed by those from GM7K, and PM had the lowest values. Correlations estimates between MY and FY were similar across models. The GM80K yielded higher prediction accuracies (38.8% for MY and 31.9% for FY) than GM7K (36.7% for MY, and 31.4% for FY) and PM (31.5% for MY, and 24.4% for FY). Different MY and FY EBV rankings existed across models. The highest rank correlations were between GM80K and GM7K (0.90 for MY, and 0.91 for FY), followed by those between GM80K and PM (0.84 for MY, and 0.83 for FY), and the lowest ones were between GM7K and PM (0.80 for MY, and 0.80 for FY). Animal rankings from GM80K should be preferred because its EBV had higher accuracy than EBV from GM7K and PM. Faster selection responses for MY and FY would be expected from GM80K than from GM7K and PM in this Holstein upgraded population.

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