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Journal of Environmental Quality: Popular Content

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Most-Read Papers

The most-read papers from August 2017.

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The Urban Forest and Ecosystem Services: Impacts on Urban Water, Heat, and Pollution Cycles at the Tree, Street, and City Scale
S. J. Livesley, E. G. McPherson and C. Calfapietra
Soil Fate of Agricultural Fumigants in Raised-Bed, Plasticulture Systems in the Southeastern United States
Dan O. Chellemi, Husein A. Ajwa, David A. Sullivan, Rocco Alessandro, James P. Gilreath and Scott R. Yates
Culture-based Methods for Detection of Antibiotic Resistance in Agroecosystems: Advantages, Challenges, and Gaps in Knowledge
Jean E. McLain, Eddie Cytryn, Lisa M. Durso and Suzanne Young

Phosphorus Legacy: Overcoming the Effects of Past Management Practices to Mitigate Future Water Quality Impairment
Andrew Sharpley, Helen P. Jarvie, Anthony Buda, Linda May, Bryan Spears and Peter Kleinman

Denitrification: An Important Pathway for Nitrous Oxide Production in Tropical Mangrove Sediments (Goa, India) 
Sheryl Oliveira Fernandes, P.A. Loka Bharathi, Patricia C. Bonin and Valérie D. Michotey
Can Biochar Covers Reduce Emissions from Manure Lagoons While Capturing Nutrients?
Brian Dougherty, Myles Gray, Mark G. Johnson and Markus Kleber
Assessing Coastal Plain Risk Indices for Subsurface Phosphorus Loss
Amy L. Shober, Anthony R. Buda, Kathryn C. Turner, Nicole M. Fiorellino, A. Scott Andres, Joshua M. McGrath and J. Thomas Sims
Environmental Impacts of Metal Ore Mining and Processing: A Review
Stanislaw Dudka and Domy C. Adriano

Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Engineered Herbicide-Tolerant Zoysia japonica 
T. W. Bae, E. Vanjildorj, S. Y. Song, S. Nishiguchi, S. S. Yang, I. J. Song, T. Chandrasekhar, T. W. Kang, J. I. Kim, Y. J. Koh, S. Y. Park, J. Lee, Y.-E. Lee, K. H. Ryu, K. Z. Riu, P.-S. Song and H. Y. Lee

Yield and Water Quality Impacts of Field-Scale Integration of Willow into a Continuous Corn Rotation System
Colleen Zumpf, Herbert Ssegane, Maria Cristina Negri, Patty Campbell and Julian Cacho




Most-Cited Papers

The most-cited papers based on data from Google Scholar (last updated 9/20/2017)

Managing Agricultural Phosphorus for Protection of Surface Waters: Issues and Options
Andrew N. Sharpley, S. C. Chapra, R. Wedepohl, J. T. Sims, T. C. Daniel and K. R. Reddy
The role of phosphorus in the eutrophication of receiving waters: A review
David L. Correll
Phytoextraction of toxic metals
Mitch M. Lasat
Application of radioactive fallout cesium-137 for measuring soil erosion and sediment accumulation rates and patterns: a review
Jerry C. Ritchie and J. Roger McHenry
Phosphorus loss in agricultural drainage: Historical perspective and current research
J. T. Sims, R. R. Simard and B. C. Joern
Occurrence of Nitrate in Groundwater—A Review
R. F. Spalding and M. E. Exner
Phosphorus leaching from soils containing different phosphorus concentrations in the Broadbalk experiment
G. Heckrath, P. C. Brookes, P. R. Poulton and K. W. T. Goulding
Overview of Hypoxia around the World
Robert J. Diaz
Utilization and disposal of fly ash and other coal residues in terrestrial ecosystems: A review
D. C. Adriano, A. L. Page, A. A. Elseewi, A. C. Chang and I. Straughan
The Pesticide Content of Surface Water Draining from Agricultural Fields—A Review
R. D. Wauchope