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Special Sections in Development

Goal: Journal of Environment Quality special sections are designed to:

  • bring to the forefront and promote new areas of research of broad interest to the JEQ readership;
  • highlight and provide a platform for scientific exchange resulting from symposia, collaborative projects, and topical conferences through rigorous and professional peer review process;
  • provide a periodic overview of the state of the art in various research area by soliciting contributions from active leaders in the field of environmental quality.

Process: A proposal for a special section solicits and calls for papers along a theme (approved by the JEQ Editor) to be submitted, reviewed and published within time frame of one year. A typical special section size varies from 6 to 25 manuscripts.

Proposals for a new special section: Please submit a simple one page proposal to the JEQ Editor, Ed Gregorich. The proposal should include the section's title; an abstract with motivation, scope, and example contributions; a list of potential contributors; suggested guest associate editors; and timeline (3 month blocks—submission, review, publication).

Upcoming Special Sections


Riparian Management call for papers
Marc Stutter, Brian Kronvang, and Joachim Rozemeijer

Soil Chemistry and the One Health Initiative
Tsutomu Ohno, technical editor

Microbial Water Quality: Monitoring and Modeling
Yakov Pachepsky, technical editor

Predicting Soil Organic Carbon in Agroecosystems under Climate Change
Richard Farrell, Hero Gollany, and Maria Villamil, guest editors

Environmental Indicators
Tiequan Zhang, guest editor

The Evolving Science of Phosphorus Site Assessment
Zach Easton, John A. Lory, Deanna Osmond; Nathan Nelson, David Radcliffe, and Andrew Sharpley, guest editors

Synchrotron Radiation-based Methods for Environmental Biogeochemistry
Ganga M. Hettiarachchi, Erica Donner, and Emmanuel Doelsch, guest editors