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aj coverAgricultural & Environmental Letters

Agricultural & Environmental Letters is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes communications-length, broad-reaching,  transformative, and timely research on major scientific, policy, and economic issues that span the entire range of the agricultural and environmental sciences.

aj coverAgronomy Journal

Agronomy Journal is a journal of agriculture and natural resource sciences. Articles convey original research in soil science, crop science, agroclimatology, agronomic modeling, production agriculture, instrumentation, and more.

ats coverApplied Turfgrass Science

Published until 2014, Applied Turfgrass Science is a peer-reviewed, international, electronic journal dedicated to providing timely information to the turfgrass industry through research, review, and informational articles. The scope of these articles encompasses all aspects of the turfgrass industry, but focuses primarily on research and information that is relevant to the practicing turfgrass professional.

cftm coverCrop, Forage & Turfgrass Management

Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management is a peer-reviewed, international, electronic journal covering all aspects of applied crop, forage and grazinglands, and turfgrass management.

cm coverCrop Management

Published until 2014, Crop Management is a peer-reviewed, international, electronic journal covering all aspects of applied crop management that seeks to serve the crop management profession by providing timely and relevant research information in an easily accessible format.


cs coverCrop Science

Crop Science, the flagship publication of the Crop Science Society of America, is a top international journal in the fields of crop breeding and genetics, crop physiology, and crop production, and a critical outlet for articles describing plant germplasm collections and their use. 

fg coverForage & Grazinglands

Published until 2014, Forage & Grazinglands is a peer-reviewed, international, electronic journal covering all aspects of applied forage and grazinglands that seeks to serve the forage and grazinglands profession by providing timely and relevant research information in an easily accessible format

jpr cover

Journal of Animal Science

Journal of Animal Science (JAS) is the premier journal for animal science and serves as the leading source of new knowledge and perspective in this area.

jeq cover

Journal of Environmental Quality

Journal of Environmental Quality is published jointly by ASA, CSSA, and SSSA. Papers address anthropogenic impacts on water, soil, and the atmosphere.




Meat and Muscle BiologyMeat and Muscle Biology 

Meat and Muscle Biology, published by the American Meat Science Association (AMSA), is a new journal focused on edible products from commonly farmed and/or harvested meat animal species. Meat & Muscle Biology is a gold open access journal that is now taking submissions.

nse cover

Natural Sciences Education

 Natural Sciences Education is a cross-disciplinary journal on animal and natural sciences education, and is published by ASA along with several cooperating societies. Articles are written by and for educators in extension, universities, industry, administration, and grades K-12.

tpg coverThe Plant Genome

The Plant Genome is an open-access, electronic journal that provides readership with a short submission-to-online publication of the latest advances and breakthroughs in plant genomics research.

The Plant Phenome Journal

The Plant Phenome Journal

The Plant Phenome Journal is a transdisciplinary, open-access journal publishing original research, interpretations, and data sets investigating all aspects of plant phenomics. Articles reporting breakthrough research in applications domains and new technological advancements will be accepted for review as papers.

jpr cover

Journal of Plant Registrations

Journal of Plant Registrations is the official registration publication of the Crop Science Society of America. It publishes cultivar, germplasm, parental line, genetic stock, and mapping population registrations. 


jpa coverJournal of Production Agriculture

JPA was established in 1988 by ASA, CSSA, and SSSA. The journal was published from 1988 to 1999. Papers provide production-oriented scientific and technological information on agronomy in accord with other areas of agriculture.


sh coverSoil Horizons

Soil Horizons' was published from 1960 to 2015. Early issues provided a communication network for field soil surveyors, and the publication later expanded to include stories celebrating the diversity and critical impact of soil scientists.

sssaj coverSoil Science Society of America Journal

SSSAJ publishes basic and applied soil research in agricultural, forest, wetlands, urban settings and more.







Translational Animal Science journal coverTranslational Animal Science

Translational Animal Science (TAS) is the first open access-open review journal in animal science. TAS is the next frontier in publishing peer-reviewed animal science papers with a hybrid open review system. The focus being on translating basic science to innovation and validation of those innovations by various segments of the allied animal industry.


urban ag coverUrban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems

Urban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed and open access journal focusing on urban and peri-urban agriculture and systems of urban and regional food provisioning in developing, transition, and advanced economies.



vzj cover

Vadose Zone Journal

Vadose Zone Journal is a unique publication outlet for interdisciplinary research and assessment of the Critical Zone, which comprises the Earth’s critical living surface down to groundwater. VZJ is a peer-reviewed, international journal publishing reviews, original research, and special sections across a wide range of disciplines.