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About Journal of Plant Registrations

The Journal of Plant Registrations, published three times a year, is the official registration publication of the Crop Science Society of America. The publication is prepared by an editorial board consisting of an editor and editor-in-chief, associate editors, managing editor, chief executive officer, and director of publications.

The journal publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research describing the development of new plant genotypes with enhanced nutrition, productivity, quality, and/or genetic diversity. The journal is the premier international venue for plant breeders, geneticists, and genome biologists to publish research describing new and novel plant cultivars, germplasms, parental lines, genetic stocks, and genomic mapping populations. In addition to biomedical, nutritional, and agricultural scientists, the intended audience  includes policy makers, humanitarian organizations, and all facets of food, feed, fiber, bioenergy, and shelter industries.

The journal publishes cultivar, germplasm, parental line, genetic stock, and mapping population registration manuscripts, keeping breeders informed about new advances in the genetic diversity of crops.


Manuscripts should be submitted to the Journal of Plant Registrations through the journal's online submission program at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/plantreg. Detailed instructions can be found there.


Instructions to authors of manuscripts can be found here. All papers, whether invited or volunteered, are subject to review. Additional details on requirements for articles are available on the web site. Appeals of decision by the editorial board are handled by the editor.

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Online ISSN: 1940-3496