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Most-Read Papers

The most-read papers from August 2017.



Registration of Two CS-B17-derived Upland Cotton Recombinant Inbred Lines with Improved Fiber Micronaire
Sukumar Saha, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty, R. W. Hayes, David M. Stelly and B. T. Campbell
‘Ozen’, the First Spring Hulless Barley Cultivar in Turkey
Namuk Ergun, Ismail Sayim, Sinan Aydogan, Mehmet Tekin, Turgay Sanal and Taner Akar
Registration of ‘Renovation’ White Clover
Joseph H. Bouton, Brian Motes, Donald T. Wood, Ali Missaoui and Michael A. Trammell
Registration of ‘CRIS-129’, an Early-Maturing, Heat-Tolerant, and High-Yielding Cotton Cultivar
Muhammad Zahir Ahsan, Muhammad Idrees Khan, Hidayatullah Bhutto, Rehana Anjum, Muhammad Saffar Majidano, Saira Bano, Abdul Wahab Soomro, Faiz Hussain Panhwar, Abdul Razzaque Channa and Tassawar Hussain Malik
Registration of Wyandot × PI 567301B Soybean Recombinant Inbred Line Population
Sungwoo Lee, Tae-Hwan Jun, Leah K. McHale, Andrew P. Michel, Anne E. Dorrance, Qijian Song and M. A. Rouf Mian
Registration of ‘Agustina’ Soybean Cultivar
Ben Fallen and Emerson Shipe
Registration of ‘Sequoia’ Hard Red Winter Wheat
A. H. Carter, S. S. Jones, S. R. Lyon, K. A. Balow, G. B. Shelton, A. Burke, R. W. Higginbotham, W. F. Schillinger, X. M. Chen, D. A. Engle and C. F. Morris
Registration of Oilseed Sunflower Germplasm HA-BSR1 Highly Tolerant to Sclerotinia Basal Stalk Rot
Z. I. Talukder, J. Hu, G. J. Seiler and L. L. Qi
Registration of Elizabeth Thlaspi arvense L. (Pennycress) with Improved Nondormant Traits
Terry A. Isbell, Steven C. Cermak and Laura F. Marek
Registration of ‘Jasper’ Soft White Winter Wheat
A. H. Carter, S. S. Jones, K. A. Balow, G. B. Shelton, A. B. Burke, S. Lyon, R. W. Higginbotham, X. M. Chen, D. A. Engle, T. D. Murray and C. F. Morris


Most-Cited Papers

The most-cited papers based on data from Google Scholar (last updated 9/20/17).



Registration of 'Tifguard' peanut
C. Corley Holbrook, Patricia Timper, Albert K. Culbreath and Craig K. Kvien
Registration of ‘Georgia-06G’ Peanut
W. D. Branch
Registration of 'Florida-07' peanut
D. W. Gorbet and B. L. Tillman
Registration of 'L 79-1002' sugarcane
K. P. Bischoff, K. A. Gravois, T. E. Reagan, J. W. Hoy, C. A. Kimbeng, C. M. LaBorde and G. L. Hawkins
Registration of 'Mace'hard red winter wheat
R. A. Graybosch, C. J. Peterson, P. S. Baenziger, D. D. Baltensperger, L. A. Nelson, Y. Jin, J. Kolmer, B. Seabourn, R. French, G. Hein, T. J. Martin, B. Beecher, T. Schwarzacher and P. Heslop-Harrison
Registration of Six Tropical Maize Germplasm Lines with Resistance to Aflatoxin Contamination
Abebe Menkir , Robert L. Brown, Ranajit Bandyopadhyay and Thomas E. Cleveland
Registration of Maize Germplasm Line GEMS-0067 
M.R. Campbell, Jay-lin Jane, Linda Pollak, Mike Blanco and Anna O'Brien
Registration of ‘Faller’ Spring Wheat
Mohamed Mergoum, Richard C. Frohberg, Robert W. Stack, Jack W. Rasmussen and Timothy L. Friesen
Registration of 'AP-3' peanut
D. W. Gorbet
Registration of Soybean Germplasm Lines R01-416F and R01-581F for Improved Yield and Nitrogen Fixation under Drought Stress 
P. Chen, C. H. Sneller, L. C. Purcell, T. R. Sinclair, C.A. King and T. Ishibashi