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Most-Read Papers

The most-read papers from April 2017.



Improved Tolerance to Root Rot and Bacterial Blights in Kidney Bean: Registration of ‘Talon’ Dark Red Kidney and ‘Rosie’ Light Red Kidney
Juan M. Osorno, Kenneth F. Grafton, Albert J. Vander Wal, Michael Kloberdanz, Stephan Schroder, Jose E. Vasquez, Kiran Ghising and Julie S. Pasche
Registration of Conventional Soybean Germplasm JTN-4307 with Resistance to Nematodes and Fungal Diseases
Prakash R. Arelli, J. Grover Shannon, Alemu Mengistu, Anne M. Gillen and Lisa A. Fritz
Registration of Arkot 0502ne, Arkot 0504ne, Arkot 0506ne, and Arkot 0517HG Germplasm Lines of Cotton
Fred M. Bourland and Don C. Jones
Registration of ‘USDA-N8002’ Soybean Cultivar with High Yield and Abiotic Stress Resistance Traits
T. E. Carter, S. M. Todd and A. M. Gillen
Registration of 40 Converted Germplasm Sources from the Reinstated Sorghum Conversion Program
R. R. Klein, F. R. Miller, S. Bean and P. E. Klein
Registration of Perennial Sorghum bicolor × S. propinquum Line PSH12TX09
R. W. Jessup, R. R. Klein, B. L. Burson, S. C. Murray, J. D. Washburn, J. J. Heitholt and J. L. Foster
Registration of ‘YZ01-1413’ Sugarcane
Peifang Zhao, Jiayong Liu, Caiwen Wu, Hongchang Yang, Jun Zhao, Xuekuan Chen, Hongming Xia, Fenggang Zan, Jun Li, Kun Yang, Zhuandi Wu, Fuqin Li, Li Yao, Liping Zhao and Wei Qin
Registration of Sunflower Oilseed Maintainer Genetic Stocks HOLS1, HOLS2, HOLS3, and HOLS4 Possessing Genes for High Oleic and Low Saturated Fatty Acids and Tolerance to Imidazolinone Herbicides
B. S. Hulke, Q. M. Gao and M. E. Foley
Registration of ‘Kardia’, a Two-Rowed Spring Food Barley
G. Hu, C. P. Evans, K. Satterfield, S. Ellberg, J. M. Marshall and D. E. Obert
Registration of ‘New Hope’ Chickpea Cultivar with Enhanced Resistance to Ascochyta Blight
Carlos A. Urrea, Fred J. Muehlbauer and Robert M. Harveson


Most-Cited Papers

The most-cited papers based on data from Google Scholar (last updated 5/11/17).



Registration of 'Tifguard' peanut
C. Corley Holbrook, Patricia Timper, Albert K. Culbreath and Craig K. Kvien
Registration of 'Florida-07' peanut
D. W. Gorbet and B. L. Tillman
Registration of ‘Georgia-06G’ Peanut
W. D. Branch
Registration of 'Mace'hard red winter wheat
R. A. Graybosch, C. J. Peterson, P. S. Baenziger, D. D. Baltensperger, L. A. Nelson, Y. Jin, J. Kolmer, B. Seabourn, R. French, G. Hein, T. J. Martin, B. Beecher, T. Schwarzacher and P. Heslop-Harrison
Registration of 'L 79-1002' sugarcane
K. P. Bischoff, K. A. Gravois, T. E. Reagan, J. W. Hoy, C. A. Kimbeng, C. M. LaBorde and G. L. Hawkins
Registration of Six Tropical Maize Germplasm Lines with Resistance to Aflatoxin Contamination
Abebe Menkir , Robert L. Brown, Ranajit Bandyopadhyay and Thomas E. Cleveland
Registration of ‘Faller’ Spring Wheat
Mohamed Mergoum, Richard C. Frohberg, Robert W. Stack, Jack W. Rasmussen and Timothy L. Friesen
Registration of 'AP-3' peanut
D. W. Gorbet
Registration of Soybean Germplasm Lines R01-416F and R01-581F for Improved Yield and Nitrogen Fixation under Drought Stress 
P. Chen, C. H. Sneller, L. C. Purcell, T. R. Sinclair, C.A. King and T. Ishibashi
Registration of Maize Germplasm Line GEMS-0067 
M.R. Campbell, Jay-lin Jane, Linda Pollak, Mike Blanco and Anna O'Brien