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Most-Read Papers

The most-read papers from March 2016



Registration of 40 Converted Germplasm Sources from the Reinstated Sorghum Conversion Program
R. R. Klein, F. R. Miller, S. Bean and P. E. Klein


Registration of Sorghum Germplasm Tx3408 and Tx3409 with Tolerance to Sugarcane Aphid [Melanaphis sacchari (Zehntner)]
Lloyd Mbulwe, Gary C. Peterson, J. Scott-Armstrong and William L. Rooney


Registration of ‘LCS Wizard’ Wheat
L. Liu, M. D. Barnett, C. A. Griffey, S. Malla, W. S. Brooks, J. E. Seago, H. Butler, W. E. Thomason, E. G. Rucker, H. D. Behl, R. M. Pitman, D. W. Dunaway, M. E. Vaughn, J. T. Custis, B. Seabourn, R. Chen, M. Fountain, D. Marshall, R. A. Graybosch, L. A. Divis, L. E. Hansen, C. Cowger, S. Cambron, Y. Jin, B. R. Beahm, T. H. Hardiman, C. J. Lin, D. F. Mennel and D. L. Mennel


Registration of Two Double Rust Resistant Germplasms, HA-R12 and HA-R13 for Confection Sunflower
G. J. Ma, G. J. Seiler, S. G. Markell, T. J. Gulya and L. L. Qi


Registration of Five Spring Wheat Lines Resistant to Russian Wheat Aphid, Stem Rust (Ug99), Leaf Rust, and Stripe Rust
Vicki L. Tolmay, Scott L. Sydenham, Willem H.P. Boshoff, Barend S. Wentzel, Chrissie W. Miles and Mardé Booyse

Registration of ‘ND Henson’ Soybean
T. C. Helms and B. D. Nelson

Registration of Soybean Germplasm Line DB04-10836 with High Yield Potential and Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode
Anne M. Gillen, Robert L. Paris, Prakash R. Arelli, James R. Smith and Alemu Mengistu

Registration of Maize Inbred Line GT888
B. T. Scully, M. D. Krakowsky, X. Ni, P. J. Tapp, J. E. Knoll, R. D. Lee and B. Z. Guo

Registration of Common Wheat Germplasm with Mutations in SBEII Genes Conferring Increased Grain Amylose and Resistant Starch Content
André Schönhofen, Brittany Hazard, Xiaoqin Zhang and Jorge Dubcovsky


Registration of OK05312, a High-Yielding Hard Winter Wheat Donor of Cmc4 for Wheat Curl Mite Resistance
Brett F. Carver, C. Michael Smith, Wen-Po Chuang, Robert M. Hunger, Jeffrey T. Edwards, Liuling Yan, Gina Brown-Guedira, Bikram S. Gill, Guihua Bai and Robert L. Bowden




Most-Cited Papers

The most-cited papers based on data from Google Scholar (last updated 04/07/16)



Registration of 'Tifguard' peanut
C. Corley Holbrook, Patricia Timper, Albert K. Culbreath and Craig K. Kvien


Registration of 'Florida-07' peanut
D. W. Gorbet and B. L. Tillman
Registration of 'L 79-1002' sugarcane
K. P. Bischoff, K. A. Gravois, T. E. Reagan, J. W. Hoy, C. A. Kimbeng, C. M. LaBorde and G. L. Hawkins

Registration of 'Mace'hard red winter wheat
R. A. Graybosch, C. J. Peterson, P. S. Baenziger, D. D. Baltensperger, L. A. Nelson, Y. Jin, J. Kolmer, B. Seabourn, R. French, G. Hein, T. J. Martin, B. Beecher, T. Schwarzacher and P. Heslop-Harrison

Registration of 'Tifrunner' peanut
C. Corley Holbrook and Albert K. Culbreath
Registration of 'AP-3' peanut
D. W. Gorbet
Abebe Menkir , Robert L. Brown, Ranajit Bandyopadhyay and Thomas E. Cleveland
C. W. Smith, S. Hague, P. S. Thaxton, E. Hequet and D. Jones
Registration of hard kernel puroindoline allele near-isogenic line hexaploid wheat genetic stocks
C. F. Morris and G. E. King
Registration of Maize Germplasm Line GEMS-0067 
M.R. Campbell, Jay-lin Jane, Linda Pollak, Mike Blanco and Anna O'Brien