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About Soil Horizons

Who should read Soil Horizons?

Soil Horizons began as Soil Survey Horizons, a more than 50-year-old publication that was a means by which soil survey personnel could share their stories....be it tough working conditions or scientific breakthroughs.

Soil Horizons brings that enthusiasm for soils to a broader audience—those new to soils, those who work in the field every day, and those who research and teach soils. Soil Horizons is designed to serve those with a range of understanding about soils....from accessible feature stories to peer-reviewed scientific papers on the latest research.

The story of soil is one we can read and share widely, for the benefit of our society, because we all depend on healthy soil.


A Day in the Life, a feature story profiling a soil scientist each issue, will present the broad diversity of soil scientists and their work.

Features will present interesting stories of soil science in our larger world and how it relates to our environment, our society, ourselves.

Guest Columns will feature the voices of soil scientists who are leaders in the field and their views of why soil science matters and where this study will take us.

Tales from the Pits relate experiences of consulting soil scientists working in the field.

Profiles in History highlight images and people along the timeline of the study of soils.

Peer Reviewed Papers represent significant contributions to the study of soils, but may deviate from the traditional research paper to discuss a big-picture issue to be addressed by soil science, illustrate an emerging trend in research, or capture a unique field experience. Paper types include:

  • Reviews
  • Research articles
  • Research notes
  • Opinion and policy
  • Special submissions as requested via calls for papers
  • Comments on previously published papers


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