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Articles are posted here immediately following acceptance to provide faster publication and better access to the newest research. These articles have not been professionally edited and do not appear as they will in the final journal issue. Finalized manuscripts will be compiled in the online versions of Soil Science Society of America Journal.

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Trace Metal Availability and Soil Quality Index Relationships under Different Land Uses
Vladimir Ivezić, Bal Ram Singh, Vlatka Gvozdić, and Zdenko Lončarić
full text(PDF)

Degradation of the Urease Inhibitor NBPT as Affected by Soil pH
Richard E. Engel, Brad D. Towey, and Emily Gravens
full text(PDF)

Long-Term Changes in Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen under Semiarid Tillage and Cropping Practices
R.C. Schwartz, R.L. Baumhardt, B.R. Scanlon, J.M. Bell, R.G. Davis, N. Ibragimov, O.R. Jones, and R.C. Reedy
full text(PDF)

Jiangqi Wu, Prajwal Paudel, Mingjing Sun, Sunendra R. Joshi, Lisa M. Stout, Ralf Greiner, and Deb P. Jaisi
doi: 10.2136/sssaj2015.01.0002
full text(PDF)

Soil Moisture Affects Growing-Season Wildfire Size in the Southern Great Plains
Erik S. Krueger, Tyson E. Ochsner, David M. Engle, J.D. Carlson, Dirac Twidwell, and Samuel D. Fuhlendorf
doi: 10.2136/sssaj2015.01.0041
full text(PDF)

Comparison of Field-moist and Oven-dry soil on Mehlich-3 and NH4OAc Extractable Soil Nutrient Concentrations
Priscila Oliveira Martins, Nathan A. Slaton, Trenton L. Roberts, and Richard J. Norman
full text(PDF)

Lithologic discontinuity assessment in soils via portable X-ray fluorescence (PXRF) spectrometry and visible near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (VisNIR DRS)
David C. Weindorf, Somsubhra Chakraborty, Abdalsamad Abdalsatar Ali Aldabaa, Laura Paulette, Giuseppe Corti, Stefania Cocco, Erika Michéli, Dandan Wang, Bin Li, Titus
Man, Aakriti Sharma,and  Taylor Person
full text(PDF)

Comparison of the methods for quantifying organic phosphorus in turkey litter compost
Yuki Audette, Ivan P. O’Halloran, and R. Paul Voroney
full text(PDF)

Stand age and soil productivity control soil CO2 efflux and soil organic carbon dynamics in hybrid poplar plantations
Shou-Qin Sun, Jagtar S. Bhatti, Rachhpal S. Jassal, Scott X. Chang, Carmela Arevalo, T. Andrew Black, and Derek Sidders
full text(PDF)

Burley Tobacco Production Conservation Practices Increase Large Soil Aggregates and Associated Carbon and Nitrogen Stocks
Congming Zou, Robert C. Pearce, John H. Grove, and Mark S. Coyne
full text(PDF)

Mapping salinity in three-dimensions using a DUALEM-1 421 and EM inversion software
E. Zare, J. Huang, F.A. Monteiro Santos, and J. Triantafilis
full text(PDF)

Phosphorus Mineralization and Transport in the Vicinity of an Anion Sink: Experiments and Modeling
K. Kerber, D. Zirkler, A. Peters, and M. Kaupenjohann
full text(PDF)

Floor Cover Percentage (FCP) Determines Splash Erosion in Chamaecyparis obtusa Forests
S. Miura1, S. Ugawa, S. Yoshinaga, T. Yamada, and K. Hirai
full text(PDF)

Determining Evapotranspiration of a Chinese Willow Stand with Three-Needle Heat-Pulse Probes
S. Wang, J. Fan, and Q. Wang
full text(PDF)

Carbon and Nitrogen Release from Legume Crop Residues over Three Subsequent Crops
N.Z. Lupwayia and Y.K. Soon
full text(PDF)

Improved Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Corn following Soybean in Irrigated Sandy Loams
A. Attia, C. Shapiro, W. Kranz, M. Mamo, and M. Mainz
full text(PDF)

Application of X-ray Computed Tomography and Direct Measurement of Gas Transport Parameters to Quantify Pore Network Complexity of Structured Soils
S. Katuwal, E. Arthur, M. Tuller, P. Moldrup, and L.W. de Jonge
full text(PDF)

An error budget for mapping field-scale soil salinity at various depths using different sources of ancillary data
Jingyi Huang, Edward G. Barrett-Lennard, Tanya Kilminster, Aidan Sinnott, and John Triantafilis


full text (PDF)

Rapid determination of soil texture by converting data for particle-size distribution determined by laser diffraction to data determined by the sieve-pipette method
Xianlong Yang, Qingyin Zhang, Xuezhang Li, Xiaoxu Jia, Xiaorong Wei, Ming’an Shao

doi: 10.2136/sssaj2015.04.0164

full text (PDF)

Determination of Anisotropic Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of a Macroporous Slope Soil
K. Germer and J. Braun
full text(PDF)

Cover Crop and Poultry Litter Management Influence Spatiotemporal Availability of Topsoil Nitrogen
H.J. Poffenbarger, S.B. Mirsky, M. Kramer, R.R. Weil, J.J. Meisinger, M.A. Cavigelli, and J.T. Spargo
full text(PDF)

A Non-Empirical Method for Computing Pore Radii and Soil Water Characteristics from Particle-Size Distribution
L.M. Arya and J.L. Heitman
full text(PDF)

Oxygen Atom Exchange during Phosphate Sorption and Desorption onto Fe– and Mn–oxides: An Application of 18O Isotope Labeling Technique
H. Li and D.P. Jaisi
full text(PDF)

Aeolian-Dust-Derived Micaceous Minerals Control Radiocesium Retention in Andosols in Japan
A. Nakaoa, A. Nakaob, R. Tanakac, S. Ogasawaraa, and J. Yanai
full text(PDF)

Mapping Soil Health over Large Agriculturally Important Areas
T. Svoray, I. Hassid, P.M. Atkinson, B.N. Moebius-Clune, and H.M. van Es
full text(PDF)

Use of a Modified Chemical Fractionation Scheme to Characterize Organic Nitrogen in Wetland Soils

C.M. VanZomeren and K.R. Reddy
full text(PDF)

Influence of Forest Disturbance on Stable Nitrogen Isotope Ratios in Soil and Vegetation Profiles
J.D. Knoepp, R.S, Taylor, L.R. Boring, and C.F. Miniat
full text(PDF)

Mineralizable Nitrogen Responds Differently to Manure Type in Contrasting Soil Textures
B.W. Thomas, M. Sharifi, J.K. Whalen, and M. Chantigny
full text(PDF)

Non-destructive Analysis of Three-Dimensional Objects using a Fluid Displacement Method
J.D. Jabro and W.M. Iversen
full text(PDF)

Pedoecological Modeling to Guide Forest Restoration Using Ecological Site Descriptions
T.W. Nauman, J.A. Thompson, J. Teets, T. Dilliplane, J.W. Bell, S.J. Connolly, H.J. Liebermann, and K. Yoast
full text(PDF)

Altitudinal Change in Vertical Distribution of Mineral Soil Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen in Tibetan Montane Forests
R. Chang, G. Wang, R. Fei, Y. Yang, J. Luo, and J. Fan
full text(PDF)

Chromium Oxidation-Reduction Chemistry at Soil Horizon Interfaces Defined by Iron and Manganese Oxides
C. Langlois and B. James
full text(PDF)