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SSSAJ | Most Cited and Most read


Most-Read Papers

The most-read papers from June 2017.



A Geostatistical Analysis of Soil Properties in the Davis Pond Mississippi Freshwater Diversion
Filip Kral, Ron Corstanje, John R. White and Fabio Veronesi
A Simple Method for Determining the Critical Point of the Soil Water Retention Curve
Chong Chen, Kelin HuTusheng Ren, Yin Liang and Emmanuel Arthur
Lessons Learnt: Sharing Soil Knowledge to Improve Land Management and Sustainable Soil Use
Lisa Lobry de Bruyn, Abigail Jenkins and Susan Samson-Liebig
Soil Quality: A Concept, Definition, and Framework for Evaluation (A Guest Editorial)
D. L. Karlen, M. J. Mausbach, J. W. Doran, R. G. Cline, R. F. Harris and G. E. Schuman
Soil Change, Soil Survey, and Natural Resources Decision Making 
A. J. Tugel, J. E. Herrick, J. R. Brown, M. J. Mausbach, W. Puckett and K. Hipple
Top-Ranked Priority Research Questions for Soil Science in the 21st Century
Julius B. Adewopo, Christine VanZomeren, Rupesh K. Bhomia, Maya Almaraz, Allan R. Bacon, Emily Eggleston, Jonathan D. Judy, Ricky W. Lewis, Mary Lusk, Bradley Miller, Colby Moorberg, Elizabeth Hodges Snyder and Mary Tiedeman
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from an Irrigated Dairy Forage Rotation as Influenced by Fertilizer and Manure Applications
Robert S. Dungan, April B. Leytem, David D. Tarkalson, James A. Ippolito and David L. Bjorneberg
Determining Soil Bulk Density for Carbon Stock Calculations: A Systematic Method Comparison
Katja Walter, Axel Don, Bärbel Tiemeyer and Annette Freibauer
Statistics, Scoring Functions, and Regional Analysis of a Comprehensive Soil Health Database
Aubrey K. Fine, Harold M. van Es and Robert R. Schindelbeck
A Soil Management Assessment Framework (SMAF) Evaluation of Brazilian Sugarcane Expansion on Soil Quality
Maurício R. Cherubin, Douglas L. Karlen, André L.C. Franco, Carlos E. P. Cerri, Cássio A. Tormena and Carlos C. Cerri


Most-Cited Papers

The most-cited papers based on data from Google Scholar (last updated 7/12/2017).



A closed-form equation for predicting the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated soils
M. Th. van Genuchten
Development of a DTPA soil test for zinc, iron, manganese, and copper
W. L. Lindsay and W. A. Norvell
Analysis of factors controlling soil organic matter levels in Great Plains grasslands
W. J. Parton, D. S. Schimel, C. V. Cole and D. S. Ojima
Field-scale variability of soil properties in central Iowa soils
C. A. Cambardella, T. B. Moorman, T. B. Parkin, D. L. Karlen, J. M. Novak, R. F. Turco and A. E. Konopka
Test of an ascorbic acid method for determining phosphorus in water and NaHCO3 extracts from soil
F. S. Watanabe and S. R. Olsen
Particulate soil organic-matter changes across a grassland cultivation sequence
C. A. Cambardella and E. T. Elliott
Changes in inorganic and organic soil phosphorus fractions induced by cultivation practices and by laboratory incubations
M. J. Hedley, J. W. B. Stewart and B. S. Chauhan
Effect of water-filled pore space on carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide production in tilled and nontilled soils
D. M. Linn and J. W. Doran
Nitrogen mineralization potentials of soils
George Stanford and S. J. Smith
Estimating Generalized Soil-water Characteristics from Texture
K. E. Saxton, W. J. Rawls, J. S. Romberger and R. I. Papendick