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Sweet sorghum panel cultivar names and associated information.

Name Full name Source Source 2 Type Parentage or place of origin Reference
7035S 7035S U PI 552851 ?
Atlas1 Atlas T ASA.61 HS
Atlas2 Atlas Sorgo T HS
Axtel Axtel T HS
Bailey Bailey K NSL 187557 MS Wiley, Tracy Duncan et al., 1984
Brandes Brandes T NSL 29336 MS Collier 706-C, MN1500 Coleman and Broadhead,1968
Brawley1 Brawley U PI 533998 MS Rex, White-seeded Collier USDA, 1958
Brawley2 Brawley T MS
CAmber1 Chinese Amber U PI 22913 A Maunder, 2000
CAmber2 Chinese Amber U PI 248298 A Maunder, 2000
CAmber3 Chinese Amber T ASA.45 A Maunder, 2000
Colier1 Collier U PI 19770 HS Maunder, 2000
Colier2 Collier T ASA.64 HS Maunder, 2000
Colier7 Collier 706C U PI 563032 HS Maunder, 2000
Colier3 Collier Meridian T HS Maunder, 2000
Colier4 Collier T PI 19770 HS Maunder, 2000
Colman1 Colman T ASA.52 HS Sherwood, 1923
Colman2 Colman (Young Meridian) T HS Sherwood, 1923
Cowley Cowley T MS Collier 706-C, MN1054, MN960, MN 1056, MN 1054, Early Folgers Hodo, MN 1060 Kresovich et al., 1985
CnAtlas Cunningham Atlas T HS
DkAmber Dakota Amber T ASA.48 A
Dale Dale K NSL 74333 MS Tracy, MN960 Broadhead et al., 1970
Danton Danton T ASA.65 HS
Della1 Della K MS BTx622, Dale Harrison and Miller, 1993
Della2 Della T MS BTx622, Dale Harrison and Miller, 1993
Della3 Della U PI 566819 MS BTx622, Dale Harrison and Miller, 1993
EFolger Early Folger T HS
EllisSo Ellis Sorgo T HS Leoti, Atlas Karper, 1949
Folger Folger T ASA.59 HS
Fremont Freemont Sorgo T Akron, Co HS
GaBlueR Georgia Blue Ribbon T HS Freeman et al., 1973
HoneyS1 Honey Sorghum U A Freeman et al., 1986
HoneyS2 Honey Sorghum T PI 181080 A aka MN2931
Iceberg Iceberg Sorgo T HS Orange type
KColier Kansas Collier T Anthony, Ks HS Maunder, 2000
KOrange Kansas Orange T ASA.51 HHS Maunder, 2000
Keller1 Keller K MS MER 50–1, Rio Broadhead et al., 1979
Keller2 Keller T MS MER 50–1, Rio Broadhead et al., 1981
Leoi Leoi U PI 154995 HS
Leoti Leoti T ASA.58 HS
M81E M81E K NSL 174431 MS Brawley, Rio Broadhead et al., 1981
McLeanS McLean (Starchy) T HS
McLeanW McLean (Waxy) T ASA.62 HS
MnAmber Minnesota Amber T ASA.46 A
Mn1054 MN 1054 U PI 152965 LMN Sudan Freeman, 1979
Mn1056 MN 1056 U PI 152967 LMN Sudan Freeman, 1979
Mn1060 MN 1060 U PI 152971 LMN Sudan Freeman, 1979
Mn1500 MN 1500 U PI 154844 LMN Uganda-aka Grassl Kresovich et al., 1988
Mn2812 MN 2812 U PI 167093 LMN Egypt/Turkey
Mn291 MN 291 U Grif 14968 LMN Extra Early Sumac
Mn3046 MN 3046 U PI 195754 LMN China
Mn3083 MN 3083 U PI 196586 LMN India/Taiwan
Mn410 MN 410 U PI 145619 LMN S. Africa
Mn4125 MN 4125 U PI 250583 LMN Egypt
Mn4466 MN 4466 U PI 255744 LMN Turkey, Taslik village
Mn822 MN 822 U PI 152694 LMN Kordofan, Sudan
Mn856 MN 856 U PI 152728 LMN Sudan
Mn960 MN 960 U PI 534165 LMN Sudan Freeman, 1979
N100 N100 T PI535785 MS Waconia, Wray Gorz et al., 1990
N108 N108 T PI535793 MS Saccharum Sorgo Gorz et al., 1990
N109 N109 T PI535794 MS White Collier, Grain Sorghum Line Gorz et al., 1990
N110 N110 T PI535795 MS Red X Gorz et al., 1990
N111 N111 T PI535796 MS Waconia Gorz et al., 1990
N98 N98 T PI535783 MS Rio, Waconia, Fremont, AN39, N4692 Gorz et al., 1990
N99 N99 T PI535784 MS Fremont, Theis Gorz et al., 1990
Orange1 Orange U PI 2363 HHS Maunder, 2000
Orange2 Orange U PI 533902 HHS aka MN 604 Maunder, 2000
Orange3 Orange T ASA.50 HHS Maunder, 2000
PI52606 PI52606 K PI52606 LMN
P526905 PI526905 K PI526905 L- zimB
P527045 PI527045 K PI527045 L- zimB
P550604 PI550604 K PI550604 ?
Ranchr1 Rancher 3 T Brookings, SD A Karper, 1949
Ranchr2 Rancher 3 T ASA.93 A Karper, 1949
RedAmbr Red Amber T ASA.49 A
RedTopT Red Top Tennesse T HS Winberry, 1980
Rex Rex U PI 534163 HS Sherwood, 1923
Rio1 Rio T MS Rex, MN 1048 Broadhead, 1972
Rio2 Rio T MS Rex, MN 1048 Coleman et al., 1965
RxOrng1 Rox Orange K HHS
RxOrng2 Rox Orange T HHS
WhitMam White Mammoth T G
Saccaln Saccaline T HS Vinall et al., 1936
Sapling Sapling T ASA.55 HS Vinall et al., 1936
Simon Simon K HS
Smith Smith U PI 511355 MS MN4004 (Grif 16302), MN 2754,Wiley, MN 48, MN 1056, others Kresovich and Broadhead, 1988
Sorgras Sorgrass U PI 563222 F
SucreDm Sucre Drome U PI 197542 LMN
SgrDrp1 Sugar Drip U PI 586435 HS Freeman et al., 1986
SgrDrp2 Sugar Drip U PI 146890 HS Freeman et al., 1986
SgrDrp3 Sugar Drip K HS Freeman et al., 1986
SgrDrp4 Sugar Drip T HS Freeman et al., 1986
SgrDrp5 Sugar Drip T Oklahoma A&M HS Freeman et al., 1986
SgrDrp6 Sugar Drip T Oklahoma A&M HS Freeman et al., 1986
Sumac1 Sumac U PI 63715 HHS Maunder, 2000
Sumac2 Sumac U PI 35038 HHS Maunder, 2000
Sumac3 Sumac U PI 534120 HHS Maunder, 2000
TxDblSw Texas Double Sweet K HS
Top76 Top 76–6 K PI 583832 MS Brandes, Collier 706-C, MN 1500, MN 1056 Day et al., 1995
Tracy Tracy T NSL 4029 MS White African, Sumac Stokes et al., 1953
Umbrela Umbrella K HS
WcAmber Waconia Amber T ASA.47 A Maunder, 2000
WxAtlas Waxy Atlas T HS
WhtAfr1 White African U PI 52606 G
WhtAfr2 White African T ASA.60 G
WhtAfr3 White African T Oklahoma A&M G
WileyRL Wiley R Line K HS Stokes et al., 1956
WileySo Wiley Sorgo T MS Collier, MN 822, MN 2046 Coleman et al., 1956
Wiliams Williams Sorgo T Ky. Certified MS Freeman et al., 1973
Wray Wray T MS Brawley, Rio, MN 856 Broadhead et al., 1978
BTx623 B.Tx623 T G BTx3197, SC170–6 Miller, 1976
BTx635 B.Tx635 T G Miller et al., 1992
BTx631 B.Tx631 T G Miller, 1986
BTx642 B.Tx642 T G SC35
P850029 P850029 T G
Macia Macia T G
Sureno Sureno T G S423,CS3541,E35 Meckenstock et al., 1993
ATx623 A.Tx623 T G
EA1083 SC599 T sc599 G IS17459C
EA1074 Rio 9188 T Rio 9188 G
EA1084 SC599–6-9188 T PI 593916 G
Forag41 T F
Forag73 T F TX631, TX2910
Ramada Ramada U NSL 107377 MS MER 45–45, MN 1056, MN 1054, MN1060 Freeman et al., 1974
Sart Sart U NSL 91616 MS Sudan Stokes et al., 1951
Abbreviated name used in later tables and figures.
K: University of Kentucky; T: Texas A&M University; U: USDA/ARS.
§USDA PI number or additional information to distinguish accessions.
A: amber; G: grain; HHS: historical sweet 1850s HS: historical sweet by 1923; MS: modern sweet; F: forage; ?: unknown or diverse.
#If known, parent lines for modern cultivars with pedigrees, place of origin for collected landrace material. Additional information in reference.

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Polymorphism within accessions with shared names.

Cultivar Accessions Shared alleles at 369 markers
Rio 2 359
Della 3 286
White African 3 282
Chinese Amber 3 194
Sumac 3 183
Orange 3 150
Sugar Drip 6 157

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Variation explained by models with population structure (Q matrix) and/or kinship (K matrix) for brix and height in the sweet sorghum panel using TASSEL.

Q matrix Number of populations (k) R2 model
Brix Height
 InStruct 11 0.39 0.28
 InStruct 5 0.28 0.13
 Structure 11 0.39 0.30
 Structure 4 0.20 0.07
 PCoA 12 0.09 0.14
 PCoA 5 0.04 0.06
 None 0 0 0
 InStruct + K 11 0.45 0.54
 InStruct + K 5 0.41 0.49
 Structure + K 11 0.49 0.55
 Structure + K 4 0.40 0.50
 PCoA + K 12 0.39 0.55
 PCoA + K 5 0.39 0.55
 None + K 0 0.37 0.48
General linear model.
Mixed linear model includes kinship matrix (K).

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Markers with a significant p-value at 0.001 or highest FST in each category.