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  1. Vol. 3 No. 3, p. iii
    unlockOPEN ACCESS
    Accepted: Dec 18, 2010

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A Note from the Editor and Editor-in-Chief

  1. Charlie Brummer
  1. The Plant Genome
    CSSA Editor-In-Chief

Dear readers of The Plant Genome:

Since 2008, The Plant Genome has published some of the best cutting-edge research within the broad area of plant genomics. With research in this area growing quickly, The Plant Genome is an excellent option for authors who want fast reviewing and quick, open-access publishing. The journal is still growing, and we invite everyone with a research program that incorporates any aspect of genomics to consider publishing in The Plant Genome. The CSSA board of directors gave their unanimous support to the journal at the 2010 CSSA meetings in Long Beach, CA.

At the meeting, they asked that we develop a plan to grow the journal into its next phase. We would like to increase our publication frequency, and to increase the number and breadth of the papers we publish. We will be working over the next year to not only increase the number of papers and the frequency of publication, but also to decrease the time papers spend in review and to post accepted papers as quickly as possible.

The Plant Genome will publish research on all aspects of plant genomics, not limited to just crop plants or to just model systems. Research from computational biology to transcriptome sequencing, from association mapping theory to map-based cloning, and much more all have a home in The Plant Genome. In addition, consider talking with the editor about developing special topic issues of The Plant Genome to publish symposia of broad interest or to focus a number of papers on a particular subject.

This is your journal. If you have ideas on how to improve it, have great ideas for a review and interpretation paper, or want to play a more active role in the journal, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.



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