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The Plant Genome - Editorial

Growing The Plant Genome in 2012


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  1. Vol. 5 No. 1, p. iii-iv
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  1. Dave Somers
  1. Editor, The Plant Genome

This first 2012 issue of The Plant Genome initiates our fifth volume. In the update that follows this editorial, Elizabeth (Liz) Gebhardt, Managing Editor, nicely describes the evolution of The Plant Genome over these five years and efforts on several fronts to build and grow our journal. The hard work and support of many including Liz and the CSSA headquarters staff, CSSA board, Editor-in-Chiefs Craig Roberts and Charlie Brummer, and our excellent Editors have made this happen. On average, approximately 25 to 35 contributed articles and 2 to 3 invited articles have been published per year over the last few years. This is definite progress, but our target should be over 60 contributed articles per year. And I believe that you will agree with me that the content and article potential of the The Plant Genome is much greater than 60 articles per year. Thus, we are exploring more ways to grow this journal. I will explain some of these initiatives but the bottom line is that we need your help in all aspects of increasing submission rates. So, if you have ideas and passion for growing The Plant Genome that complement the initiatives described in this editorial please contact us. We will eagerly work with you.

The main barrier to journal growth is indexing and impact factor. As Liz indicates, we are making progress. The Plant Genome is currently listed in ISSN, NLM, the USDA National Agricultural Library, Google Scholar, Chemical Abstracts Service, and CAB Abstracts. Applications are pending or will be submitted for Medline, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, SCOPUS, EBSCO, and Web of Science. We will keep you posted on these applications. I want to thank Liz for her hard work in this area and the CSSA for their support. The impact factor is a bigger challenge. As Liz notes, we expect to receive an impact factor in 2012. Based on internal tracking, we believe the impact factor will be quite competitive with other similar journals because the quality of our articles is high. Nevertheless, we need to keep articles flowing into the journal to achieve the impact factor. Having The Plant Genome fully accredited should then encourage more authors to submit thus increasing article count and so on.

To achieve increased journal submissions, we have expanded our Editorial Board and created specific Associate Editor roles.

Henry Nguyen: I want to thank Henry for agreeing to oversee CSSA and external The Plant Genome communications and acquisitions. Please direct ideas to Henry on what else we can do to increase awareness of The Plant Genome.

Gary Muehlbauer: Let's thank Gary for agreeing to lead efforts in publishing Feature Issues of The Plant Genome as Associate Editor of Feature Issues. So far, Gary has recruited Scott Jackson and Todd Michael to put together an issue on Next Gen Sequencing: Advances and Applications to Crop Improvement. Papers in an issue like this one will garner great interest and citations. Please direct ideas to Gary for the next feature issues. We want to publish up to two feature issues per year.

Editorial Board: The Plant Genome editorial board is world class (https://www.crops.org/about-society/committees/C304/members/) and designed to source from diverse areas of genomics, crops and plants and world regions. Our editors are making every effort to seek papers from their labs, collaborators, colleagues, institutions etc. In addition, they are already working with me, Henry and Gary to share your ideas on how we can increase awareness of The Plant Genome and increase our submission rate.

We need your help:

We will be sending out frequent communications to increase awareness of The Plant Genome and to seek submissions. Share these with colleagues. We will be setting up Table of Contents Alerts, accept them and share them with colleagues. We are receptive to all ideas for increasing the scope and content of the journal and we'd appreciate hearing your ideas. And finally, we are convinced that The Plant Genome will soon be fully indexed and have an impact factor. Please consider submitting an article to help push The Plant Genome towards this goal.



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