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The Plant Genome - Editorial

The Plant Genome Status and Outlook, 2012


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  1. Liz Gebhardt
  1. Managing Editor, The Plant Genome

Five years ago, The Plant Genome transitioned from a supplement to a full-fledged journal. Over the course of its first five volumes, numerous impactful scientific reports have been published. And due to the progressive nature of its open-access model, scientists everywhere that have internet access can view and use this important research for free.

The past five years have been witness to some changes in the journal. Appropriately enough, given the global importance of agricultural and plant research, the journal is growing increasingly international with an average from inception of about 20% of papers published written by non-U.S. authors. In 2011 alone, the percentage of international papers published doubled over 2010. Last year, The Plant Genome published about 60 more pages than in 2010, including research ranging from an excellent review on advances regarding the switchgrass genome, to genomic research on strawberries, durum wheat, and melon, among others.

In order to facilitate wide dissemination of its published research, The Plant Genome is currently indexed in several databases, as well as being freely available on its own website. It is covered by the U.S. National Agricultural Library, CAB Abstracts, Google Scholar, and the Chemical Abstracts Service. We are currently undergoing review for inclusion in PubMed, Thomson Reuters Web of Science, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Scopus, and EBSCO. To expand our outreach, we have also sent out mass emails to relevant conference attendees and Crop Science Society of America members encouraging them to publish with The Plant Genome.

In 2011, we launched our first mobile app, SoilCropAgronPubs, which allows users to search The Plant Genome content from their smartphone or tablet. It is free and available on the Apple App Store, Blackberry App World and Android Market. We continue to improve The Plant Genome's online presence and welcome your feedback.

In 2012, we anticipate inclusion in several more databases, as well as the receipt of an impact factor – a vital step in garnering high-quality submissions. The Crop Science Society of America is also pursuing publishing opportunities that will give The Plant Genome much more exposure.

I look forward to the opportunities this year will bring for The Plant Genome.



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