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Observed phenotypes in the DRH population over four generations.

Generation No. of genotypes planted Flowering rate† Fruit present‡ High fruit set§ Seed set range¶ Correlation of fruit to seed#
% p
F1 103 95 35 69 1–171 0.0175
S1 173 40 35 44 1–111 0.1399
S2 149 37 32 38 1–86 0.3176
S3 458 45 33 53 1–361 0.0624
Frequency of plants that flowered.
Frequency of plants that produced fruit on selfing.
§Of those plants that set fruit, the frequency that yielded ≥0.25 fruit per pollination.
Seeds per fruit of all plants that produced fruit; for the F1, S1, and S3 generation, this is the average seeds per fruit for independently extracted fruit; for the S2 generation, the seeds from all the fruit of a single plant were combined before counting. Where the seed set is 1, there was only a single seed in a single fruit.
#Bivariate fit of the number of fruits per pollination by the number of seeds per fruit.

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Single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) loci significantly linked with vigor in the S4 population. Kompetitive allele-specific polymerase chain reaction (KASP) bioassays were used to genotype 46-79 S4 individuals in six S4 families derived from three different DRH F1 plants. Plants were rated for vigor on a 1-to-5 scale with 1 representing the most vigorous plants and 5 the least. ANOVAs were conducted using allelic state at specific SNPs as the source of variation. Chi-square analysis was done to determine if the expected 1:2:1 ratio was observed after self-pollination of heterozygous S3 individuals.

SolCAP† SNP_id p-value Best allelic state (mean vigor score) Worst allelic state (mean vigor score) DM Ratio‡ Chi-square Linkage group Position
c1_12382 0.044 AC (2.3) AA (3.4) AA 14:26:14 0.9636 2 37,654,538
c1_5881 0.042 CA (2.2) CC (3.3) CC 12:28:15 0.8385 2 36,868,741
c2_15021 0.051 GG (2.2) AG (3.3) GG 11:29:06 0.0973 2 45,618,817
c2_27887 0.030 CT (2.3) CC (3.6) TT 12:30:37 0.0001 1 6,142,925
c2_40636 0.053 CC (2.2) TT and TC (3.2) TT 49:09:14 0.0001 2 39,073,567
c2_7565 0.037 TT (1.8) CC (3.2) CC 15:35:11 0.3771 2 41,368,249
SolCAP, Solanaceae Coordinated Agriculture Project.
The variable number of genotypes scored reflects the allelic state of the S3 parents. For each locus, only those S4 derived from a heterozygous S3 plant were assayed.