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Most-Read Papers

The most-read papers from April 2018.

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The Challenges of Governing Urban Food Production across Four European City-Regions: Identity, Sustainability and Governance
Matthew Reed, Evy Mettepenningen, Paul Swagemakers, M. Dolores Dominguez Garcia, Ingrid Jahrl and Marlinde E. Koopmans
Short Food Supply Chains in Urban Areas: Who Takes the Lead? Evidence from Three Cities across Europe
Stefano Grando, Joy Carey, Els Hgger, Ingrid Jahri and Livia Ortolani
Vulnerability Analysis of Urban Agriculture Projects: A Case Study of Community and Entrepreneurial Gardens in the Netherlands and Switzerland
Ladina Knapp, Esther Veen, Henk Renting, Johannes S. C. Wiskerke and Jeroen C. J. Groot
Assessing Urban Community Gardens’ Impact on Net Primary Production using NDVI
Tammy E. Parece and James B. Campbell
Cultivating Montreal: A Brief History of Citizens and Institutions Integrating Urban Agriculture in the City
Vikram Bhatt and Leila Marie Farah