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City Region Food Systems Special Section

The Challenges of Governing Urban Food Production across Four European City-Regions: Identity, Sustainability and Governance
Matthew Reed, Evy Mettepenningen, Paul Swagemakers, M. Dolores Dominguez Garcia, Ingrid Jahrl, and Marlinde E. Koopmans
2018. doi:10.2134/urbanag2016.11.0006   OPEN ACCESS

The Commons Revisited: Revalorizing the Role of comuneiros in the Redesign of Urban Agro-Food and Agroforestry Systems
M. Dolores Dominguez Garcia, Paul Swagemakers, and Otto Schmid
2017. doi:10.2134/urbanag2016.05.0001    OPEN ACCESS

Creating Spatial Synergies around Food in Cities
Marlinde E. Koopmans, Evy Mettepenningen, Ilona Kunda, Daniel Keech, and Talis Tisenkopfs
2017. doi:10.2134/urbanag2016.06.0003    OPEN ACCESS

Short Food Supply Chains in Urban Areas: Who Takes the Lead? Evidence from Three Cities across Europe
Stefano Grando, Joy Carey, Els Hegger, Ingrid Jahrl, and Livia Ortolani
2017. doi:10.2134/urbanag2016.05.0002    OPEN ACCESS