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Focus Topics collect the latest research on 12 core trending topics.


Announcement: VZJ is Open Access!

Open Access is the way of the future for scientific publications­—many publishers of scientific journals have embraced the concept of Open Access, thereby making scientific content and results available to researchers and the public without the need for society membership or subscription to a specific journal. Beginning with the first 2018 issue, the Vadose Zone Journal switched from the subscription format to a fully Open Access journal. All papers published beginning with the first 2018 issue will be Open Access. Issues prior to 2018 will remain under the subscription system.


ORCID iDs. Beginning 1 July 2018, the Societies will join other publishers in requiring ORCID iDs for corresponding authors during manuscript submission. ORCID provides researchers with a unique identifier plus a mechanism for linking their research outputs and activities to their ORCID iD. For more information, see https://orcid.org/help.


Special Sections

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Stable Isotope Approaches in Vadose Zone Research Call for Papers

Christine Stumpp, Nicolas Brüggemann, and Lisa Wingate, Guest Editors



Frequent Reviewer Credit Program
Reviewers who complete five reviews during the calendar year will be eligible to publish an accepted paper submitted during the following year with a 50% discount on publication charges! Details at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/vzj


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Vadose Zone Journal is published by the Soil Science Society of America, Madison, WI. Geological Society of America is a journal cooperator.

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