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Articles are posted here immediately following acceptance to provide faster publication and better access to the newest research. These articles have not been professionally edited and do not appear as they will in the final journal issue. Finalized manuscripts will be compiled into issues of Vadose Zone Journal.

Online ISSN: 1539-1663

Citation | Articles posted here may be cited by the doi. The dois are deposited when the article is published in the issue.

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Original Research

Evaluation of the 2012 Drought with a Newly Established National Soil Monitoring Network
Jesse E. Bell, Ronald D. Leeper, Michael Palecki, Evan Coopersmith, Tim Wilson, Rocky Bilotta, and Scott Embler

Effects of Single Rainfall Events on Leaching of Glyphosate and Bentazone on Two Different Soil Types, using the DAISY Model
Signe B. Rasmussen, Per Abrahamsen, Marie H. Nielsen, Peter E. Holm, and Søren Hansen

Estimation of Catchment-Scale Soil Moisture Patterns Based on Terrain Data and Sparse TDR Measurements Using a Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Approach
Ingmar Schröter, Hendrik Paasche, Peter Dietrich, and Ute Wollschläger

Comparison of Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Macroscopic Invasion Percolation Simulations to Laboratory Experiments of Gas Bubble Flow in Homogeneous Sands
Kevin G. Mumford, Paul R. Hegele, and Graham Vandenberg

The Water-Induced Linear Reduction Gas Diffusivity Model Extended to Three Pore Regions
T.K.K. Chamindu Deepagoda, Lis Wollesen de Jonge, Ken Kawamoto, Toshiko Komatsu, and Per Moldrup

Variance of Aggregate Size Distribution as a Criterion for Soil Similarity
B.S. Das, H.B. Vasava, M.C. Sarathjith, and B. Mohanty

Identifying the Functional Macropore Network Related to Preferential Flow in Structured Soils
S. Sammartino, A.-S. Lissy, C. Bogner, R. Van Den Bogaert, Y. Capowiez, S. Ruy, and S. Cornu

Oxidizers Demand in the Unsaturated Zone of a Surface Spreading, Soil Aquifer Treatment System
R. Elkayam, A. Sopliniak, G. Gasser, I. Pankratov, and O. Lev

Limit of Anisotropic Hydraulic Conductivity Ratio of Homogeneous Granular Materials
Peijun Guo, Yaqian Liu, and Dieter Stolle

Opinion and Policy

Reproducible Research in Vadose Zone Sciences
T.H. Skaggs, M.H. Young, and J.A. Vrugt

Special Section: Soil as Complex Systems

Multifractal Analysis of Vertical Profiles of Soil Penetration Resistance at Varying Water Contents
Marcelo G. Wilson, José Manuel Mirás-Avalos, Marcos Lado, and Antonio Paz-González

Spatiotemporal Scaling of Vegetation Growth and Soil Formation from Percolation Theory
A.G. Hunt

Benchmarking the Inelastic Neutron Scattering Soil Carbon Method
Galina Yakubova, Aleksandr Kavetskiy, Stephen A. Prior, and H. Allen Torbert

A Hybrid Reduced-Order Model of Fine Resolution Hydrologic Simulations at a Polygonal Tundra Site
Yaning Liu, Gautam Bisht, Zachary M. Subin, William J. Riley, and George Shu Heng Pau

Technical Notes

Calibration of Water Content Reflectometer Sensors with a Large Soil Sample
M. Lora, M. Camporese, and P. Salandin

Visualizing Large Data Sets: Spatial and Temporal Soil Moisture Regime Dynamics
Jeffrey Frederick Miller and Steven P. Loheide II