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Focus Topic: Evapotranspiration

Evapotranspiration is arguably the most important component of Earth’s water balance, outside of precipitation. Evapotranspiration includes soil evaporation and plant transpiration, processes that directly influence and are influenced by soil. Evapotranspiration is measured through a variety of instruments that range in measurement scale from point (microlysimeters) to kilometers (eddy covariance, scintillometry). This focus topic reviews recent concepts and research that focus on water loss from the vadose zone through the vertically upward pathway. Research questions include how vadose zone properties—and interactions and feedbacks between processes and controls in the vadose zone, the canopy, and the atmosphere—influence evapotranspiration rates. This focus topic also includes advanced measurement techniques using instruments and isotopes to improve these estimates.
A. G. Hunt
In a previous study, vegetation linear extent and soil depth as functions of time were proposed to follow percolation-based scaling laws of power-law form. Although the power-law exponents are specifi...more
Liwen Han, Joann K. Whalen and Pierre Dutilleul
High-resolution mapping of the soil surface provides insight regarding gas and water transport at the soil–atmosphere interface and biogeochemical reactions occurring in soil pores connected to the...more
Florian Heinlein, Christian Biernath, Christian Klein, Christoph Thieme and Eckart Priesack
In central Europe expected climate change will lead to strongly changing regional water availability and will affect future crop production systems and yields. To adapt these production systems and es...more
Giuseppe Brunetti, Jirka Šimůnek and Patrizia Piro
Low-impact developments (LIDs), such as green roofs, have proven to be valuable alternatives for stormwater management and hydrological restoration. Mechanistic models are reliable and accurate tools...more
HongShou Li, FaSi Wu, HongTao Zhan, Fei Qiu and WanFu Wang
Past research has shown that evaporation of deeply buried phreatic water occurs in extra-arid areas where the soil surface is very dry. A dry surface layer can suppress the evaporation of capillary wa...more
Matthew R. Levi, Marcel G. Schaap and Craig Rasmussen
We applied spatial predictions of physical soil properties to a pedotransfer function to predict hydraulic properties at high resolution in a semiarid landscape. Estimated soil properties explained pa...more
C. W. W. Ng, C. Zhou and A. K. Leung
Experiments were carried out to measure water retention curves (WRCs) of an unsaturated soil using different suction control techniques. The WRCs obtained from this study together with existing publis...more
Laura Gangi, Youri Rothfuss, Jerôme Ogée, Lisa Wingate, Harry Vereecken and Nicolas Brüggemann
The newly developed method allows for the first time simultaneous and continuous measurements of the oxygen isotope composition of H2O and CO2 along soil profiles. Its application in the field will co...more
Tiejun Wang and Trenton E. Franz
This work shows regional controls of soil hydraulic properties on soil moisture spatial variability using observations. Its results can be used to verify remotely sensed products and initialize region...more
Gregory Communar and Shmulik P. Friedman
The derived solutions for water infiltration from a point source in the presence of a shallow water table can be used for evaluating plant water uptake from shallow water tables and for designing drip...more