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Focus Topic: Hydrogeophysics

Hydrogeophysics is a cross-disciplinary area of research that uses geophysics to determine parameters and monitor processes for hydrological studies involving water resources, contamination, and ecological studies. This focus topic collects recent developments in hydrogeophysical methods for vadose zone research, such as electrical resistivity tomography, ground-penetrating radar, and electromagnetic induction. Applications of these methods are explored to characterize subsurface structures and derive hydraulic and biogeochemical parameters and states.
G. Calamita, A. Perrone, L. Brocca and S. Straface
Geophysics constitutes a possible approach to estimate soil moisture with cost-competitive and minimally invasive measurements carrying information about various soil physical properties. In this stud...more
Adam R. Mangel, Stephen M.J. Moysey and Jan van der Kruk
Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) data were collected before, during, and after a 24-min-long forced infiltration event in a large sand tank. High spatial and temporal resolution were achieved by automat...more
Mojtaba Naderi-Boldaji, Mostafa Bahrami, Thomas Keller and Dani Or
Application of mechanical stresses to soil results in deformation, microfracturing, particle motion, and liquid reconfiguration that may release measurable amounts of stored elastic energy in the form...more
Elzbieta Dumnicka, Joanna Galas and Mariola Krodkiewska
This study was undertaken to determine the factors that influence the composition of macroinvertebrate communities in wells completed into two different bedrocks, limestone and flysch. The chemical pa...more
Peter F. Germann
Viscous flow theory expects sharp wetting shock fronts during infiltration in permeable media, but time domain reflectometry (TDR) measurements, using horizontally installed two-rod probes, reveal con...more
Benjamin Bass, M. Bayani Cardenas and Kevin M. Befus
This study investigated the spatial distribution and seasonal variation of soil moisture during a drought year throughout a first-order drainage basin whose hillslopes have different vegetation and so...more
Klaus Haaken, Alex Furman, Noam Weisbrod and Andreas Kemna
In this study, we investigated the ability of online geoelectrical monitoring to characterize water dynamics in the context of soil aquifer treatment (SAT). In spring 2014, we conducted several infilt...more
Ting-Kuei Chou, Michel Chouteau and Jean-Sébastien Dubé
Many hydrogeological and geophysical tools have been developed to determine subsoil properties, but they are often limited by sparse datasets and by the portability of the method from one site to anot...more
Sylvain Pasquet, Ludovic Bodet, Paolo Bergamo, Roger Guérin, Roland Martin, Régis Mourgues and Vincent Tournat
Physical properties of soils in the vadose zone, and especially their water content, are characterized by strong spatial and temporal variations mostly driven by weather and anthropogenic activities....more
Samuel Falzone and Kristina Keating
In this laboratory study, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxation data were collected on unconsolidated sediment to determine the NMR response, characterized by the mean-log transverse relaxation...more