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preferential flow
Focus Topic: Preferential Flow

Preferential flow is an often controlling and confounding transport mechanism in the vadose zone. This focus topic collects papers that address preferential flow and transport mechanisms through laboratory, lysimeter, field-plot, and catchment-scale studies. It presents novel findings in characterizing preferential flow paths and associated solute transport using novel measurement techniques and results from theoretical and modeling studies.
C.J.M. Cremer, C. Schuetz, I. Neuweiler, P. Lehmann and E.H. Lehmann
Prediction of infiltration in porous media is challenged by finger formation and unstable displacement of the wetting front. We present a systematic experimental study on the effect of packings and in...more
Nicholas Jarvis, John Koestel and Mats Larsbo
In this update, we review some of the more significant advances that have been made in the last decade in the study of preferential flow through the vadose zone as well as suggest some research needs...more
Britney S. Katz, Randy L. Stotler, Daniel Hirmas, Greg Ludvigson, Jon J. Smith and Donald O. Whittemore
The High Plains aquifer (HPA) is one of the largest aquifers in the world and is critical for agricultural production in the United States. In Kansas, irrigation using the HPA has resulted in steep gr...more
Mats Larsbo, John Koestel, Thomas Kätterer and Nick Jarvis
It has been suggested that some management practices and farming systems that promote C sequestration may exacerbate the risk of groundwater pollution due to fast preferential transport in soil macrop...more
John R. Nimmo
A model for preferential flow in macropores is based on the short-range spatial distribution of soil matrix infiltrability. It uses elementary areas at two different scales. One is the traditional rep...more
Gurpal S. Toor and J. Thomas Sims
Application of phosphorus (P) inputs to soils saturated with legacy P can significantly increase the risk of P leaching and deteriorate water quality. Our objectives were to quantify the effect of soi...more
Stéphane Sammartino, Anne-Sophie Lissy, Christina Bogner, Romain Van Den Bogaert, Yvan Capowiez, Stéphane Ruy and Sophie Cornu
We proposed a method to identify the functional part of the macroporosity of structured soils in relation to preferential flow pathways based on (i) recording water infiltration by a sequence of three...more
Antonio Coppola, Alessandro Comegna, Giovanna Dragonetti, Horst H. Gerke and Angelo Basile
Soil fissures and small cracks develop as a result of matrix shrinkage; upon wetting, the soil matrix volume increases by swelling, thereby partially closing the cracks and fissures. We propose a mode...more