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hydraulic properties
Focus Topic: Soil Hydraulic Properties

Soil hydraulic properties constitute the basis for understanding flow and transport processes and are important input properties in any simulations of vadose zone properties. In this focus topic methods are presented that allow prediction and characterization of soil hydraulic properties, with an emphasis on the moisture retention characteristic and the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity.
N. Li, Y. Sun, L. Wan and L. Ren
The accurate estimation of soil hydraulic properties is an important part of the application of hydrological models for quantifying water transport in the vadose zone. Various inverse models have been...more
Marcus Herbrich and Horst H. Gerke
Soil water retention is frequently described by unique main drying curves measured in the laboratory on intact soil cores. In the field, however, soil pore structure changes as a result of swelling an...more
Ashley Paradiś, Christopher Brueck, Douglas Meisenheimer, Thomas Wanzek and Maria Ines Dragila
This study investigated the peculiar structure of microaggregates in coarse sandy soils that exhibit only external porosity and investigated their control on soil hydrology. The microstructure underpi...more
Alessandra Calegari da Silva, Robson André Armindo, Alexsandro dos Santos Brito and Marcel G. Schaap
The reliable applications of soil water dynamics and its spatial variability are very important in hydrological and environmental studies. However, determination of some hydraulic properties requires...more
L. Zhuang, C.R. Bezerra Coelho, S.M. Hassanizadeh and M.Th. van Genuchten
Knowledge of the unsaturated soil hydraulic properties is essential for modeling water flow and solute transport processes in variably saturated subsurface systems. Various experimental setups have be...more
DongHao Ma, JiaBao Zhang and YunXuan Lu
Recently, a method based on the soil water flux (F)–saturation (Θ) relationship, F(Θ), assumed to be independent of time and soil properties, has become an important technique to simplify solving...more
Nicholas Thomas, K.E. Schilling, Antonio Arenas Amado, Matthew Streeter and Larry Weber
Modeling of spatial and vertical variability in soil hydraulic properties is a pervasive dilemma in computational hydrology. In an effort to provide guidance in inverse modeling of soil hydraulic prop...more
Lee-Ann K. Sills, Kevin G. Mumford and Greg A. Siemens
Experiments using transparent porous media, where the indices of refraction of the solid grains and the wetting fluid are matched, can be used to quantify fluid saturations from digital images. In thi...more
Morteza Khorshidi, Ning Lu and Alireza Khorshidi
The origin of matric potential in the tightly adsorbed soil water retention (SWR) regime, where matric potentials are generally less than −150 MPa, remains unsettled. Surface tension in soil pores a...more
Ali Moradi, Kathleen M. Smits, Ning Lu and John S. McCartney
In this study, we numerically and experimentally evaluated heat transfer in soils under unsaturated conditions in the context of simulating a laboratory-scale, three-dimensional soil-borehole thermal...more