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Focus Topic: Spatial–Temporal Dynamics of Soil Moisture

Soil moisture is a highly spatially and temporally variable parameter. This focus topic addresses techniques and methods to characterize and predict spatial variability of soil moisture across scales, analysis of soil moisture patterns using theoretical and numerical modeling approaches, and upscaling of sparsely measured soil moisture content at point or farm scale up to catchment scale. This focus topic features original, basic, and applied studies on spatial–temporal dynamics of soil moisture at various scales.
Yongseok Gwak, Sanghyun Kim, Khilha Lee, Seongjin Noh and Hyunuk An
Investigation of the temporal variations in flow regimes is important for understanding the hydrological processes of hillslopes. An in situ tensiometer network was designed and installed to monitor p...more
Chu-Lin Cheng, S. Clark Cropper, Edmund Perfect, Larry McKay and Misun Kang
Choice of reference pressure elevation (RPE) on average effective saturation–capillary pressure functions, 〈〉(ψ), was investigated for monotonic drainage of homogeneous porous media. Nine colum...more
Natalia Fernández de Vera, Jean Beaujean, Pierre Jamin, Vivien Hakoun, David Caterina, Ofer Dahan, Marnik Vanclooster, Alain Dassargues, Frédéric Nguyen and Serge Brouyère
A saline tracer infiltration test across the fractured vadose zone of an industrial contaminated site in Belgium was monitored by combining surface and cross-borehole electrical resistivity tomography...more
Jonathan Algeo, Remke L. Van Dam and Lee Slater
We used a recent ground-penetrating radar (GPR) methodology, early-time amplitude analysis, with the goal of monitoring changes in soil water content (SWC) in response to irrigation in clayey soils. W...more
Timothy B. Wilson, C. Bruce Baker, Tilden P. Meyers, John Kochendorfer, Mark Hall, Jesse E. Bell, Howard J. Diamond and Michael A. Palecki
The objective of this study was to provide direct measurements of soil properties for 70 of the 114 US Climate Reference Network (USCRN) sites across the continental United States. Soil properties det...more
T.A. Engda, T.J. Kelleners and G.B. Paige
A one-dimensional vertical numerical model for coupled water flow and heat transport was calibrated for a mixed-grass rangeland at the Sustainable Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Lingle, W...more
Yang Yang, Ole Wendroth and Riley J. Walton
The spatial variability of the soil water status and its temporal behavior are essential for hydrological modeling and agricultural management. Changes in atmospheric conditions such as precipitation...more
Jannis Groh, Jan Vanderborght, Thomas Pütz and Harry Vereecken
A dynamic tension-controlled bottom boundary of lysimeters allows observing water and matter fluxes in lysimeters that are close to natural field conditions, as pressure heads at the lysimeter bottom...more
Maxim Poltoradnev, Joachim Ingwersen and Thilo Streck
The topsoil water content (SWC) plays a key role in partitioning energy and water fluxes at the land surface. Knowledge about its spatial and temporal variability is crucial for improving climate and...more
Felix Greifeneder, Claudia Notarnicola, Giacomo Bertoldi, Georg Niedrist and Wolfgang Wagner
Given the high spatial variability of soil moisture content (SMC), direct comparison and integration of observations from different sources and measurement scales is becoming a major challenge. We hav...more