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Most-Read Papers

The most-read papers from May 2017.



Modeling Soil Processes: Review, Key Challenges, and New Perspectives
H. Vereecken, A. Schnepf, J.W. Hopmans, M. Javaux, D. Or, T. Roose, J. Vanderborght, M.H. Young, W. Amelung, M. Aitkenhead, S.D. Allison, S. Assouline, P. Baveye, M. Berli, N. Brüggemann, P. Finke, M. Flury, T. Gaiser, G. Govers, T. Ghezzehei, P. Hallett, H.J. Hendricks Franssen, J. Heppell, R. Horn, J.A. Huisman, D. Jacques, F. Jonard, S. Kollet, F. Lafolie, K. Lamorski, D. Leitner, A. McBratney, B. Minasny, C. Montzka, W. Nowak, Y. Pachepsky, J. Padarian, N. Romano, K. Roth, Y. Rothfuss, E.C. Rowe, A. Schwen, J. Šimůnek, A. Tiktak, J. Van Dam, S.E.A.T.M. van der Zee, H.J. Vogel, J.A. Vrugt, T. Wöhling and I.M. Young
Soil Moisture Remote Sensing: State-of-the-Science
Binayak P. Mohanty, Michael H. Cosh, Venkat Lakshmi and Carsten Montzka
Hydrologic Impacts of Thawing Permafrost—A Review
Michelle A. Walvoord and Barret L. Kurylyk
Soil Moisture Measurement for Ecological and Hydrological Watershed-Scale Observatories: A Review 
D. A. Robinson, C. S. Campbell, J. W. Hopmans, B. K. Hornbuckle, S. B. Jones, R. Knight, F. Ogden, J. Selker and O. Wendroth
Site-Specific Soil Properties of the US Climate Reference Network Soil Moisture
Timothy B. Wilson, C. Bruce Baker, Tilden P. Meyers, John Kochendorfer, Mark Hall, Jesse E. Bell, Howard J. Diamond and Michael A. Palecki
Energy Fluxes above Three Disparate Surfaces in a Temperate Mesoscale Coastal Catchment 
Rasmus Ringgaard, Mathias Herbst, Thomas Friborg, Kirsten Schelde, Anton G. Thomsen and Henrik Soegaard
Long-Term Soil Structure Observatory for Monitoring Post-Compaction Evolution of Soil Structure
Thomas Keller, Tino Colombi, Siul Ruiz, Mervin Pogs Manalili, Jan Rek, Viktor Stadelmann, Hans Wunderli, Dani Breitenstein, René Reiser, Hansrudolf Oberholzer, Stanislaus Schymanski, Alejandro Romero-Ruiz, Niklas Linde, Peter Weisskopf, Achim Walter and Dani Or
From Field- to Landscape-Scale Vadose Zone Processes: Scale Issues, Modeling, and Monitoring
Dennis L. Corwin, Jan Hopmans and Gerrit H. de Rooij
Monitoring of Water and Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone: A Review
Gurbir Singh, Gurpreet Kaur, Karl Williard, Jon Schoonover and Jasjit Kang
Organic Materials Used in Agriculture, Horticulture, Reconstructed Soils, and Filtering Applications
Jean Caron, Robert Heinse and Sylvain Charpentier


Most-Cited Papers

The most-cited papers based on data from Google Scholar (last updated 6/13/2017).



A review of advances in dielectric and electrical conductivity measurement in soils using time domain reflectometry
D. A. Robinson, S. B. Jones, J. M. Wraith, D. Or and S. P. Friedman
Measuring soil water content with ground penetrating radar
J. A. Huisman, S. S. Hubbard, J. D. Redman and A. P. Annan
Development and applications of the HYDRUS and STANMOD software packages and related codes
Jirí Šimůnek, Martinus Th. van Genuchten and Miroslav Šejna
Soil moisture measurement for ecological and hydrological watershed-scale observatories: A review
D. A. Robinson, C. S. Campbell, J. W. Hopmans, B. K. Hornbuckle, S. B. Jones, R. Knight, F. Ogden, J. Selker and O. Wendroth
Estimating uncertain flow and transport parameters using a sequential uncertainty fitting procedure
K. C. Abbaspour, C. A. Johnson and M. Th. van Genuchten
Dynamic effect in the capillary pressure–saturation relationship and its impacts on unsaturated flow
S. Majid Hassanizadeh, Michael A. Celia and Helge K. Dahle
The TOUGH codes—A family of simulation tools for multiphase flow and transport processes in permeable media
Karsten Pruess
Modeling Nonequilibrium Flow and Transport Processes Using HYDRUS
Jirka Šimůnek and Martinus Th. van Genuchten
Wastewater Irrigation: The State of Play
Andrew J. Hamilton, Frank Stagnitti, Xianzhe Xiong, Simone L. Kreidl, Kurt K. Benke and Peta Maher
Water Flow and Heat Transport in Frozen Soil
Klas Hansson, Jirka Šimůnek, Masaru Mizoguchi, Lars-Christer Lundin and Martinus Th. van Genuchten