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Volume 15 Issue 12, December 2016

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    • Nicholas Jarvis, John Koestel and Mats Larsbo
      Understanding Preferential Flow in the Vadose Zone: Recent Advances and Future Prospects
      Core Ideas
      • Understanding of preferential flow is improving, stimulated partly by new technologies.
      • Empirical process understanding has outstripped the capability of models to predict.
      • Better models must await future advances in computational power.
      Vadose Zone Journal 2016 15:
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    • J. Bouma
      Hydropedology and the Societal Challenge of Realizing the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
      Core Ideas
      • The UN Sustainable Development Goals present a guiding principle for hydropedology.
      • Hydropedology is potentially more effective than the separate disciplines.
      • Pedologists should better support their observations with physical measurements.
      • Measuring and interpreting bypass flow may be more effective than developing new theory.
      • Existing soil databases can’t provide a full picture of soil behavior in the field.
      Vadose Zone Journal 2016 15:
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    • Thomas Maurer and Horst H. Gerke
      Processes and Modeling of Initial Soil and Landscape Development: A Review
      Core Ideas
      • The dynamic initial development phase of landscapes requires a novel modeling approach.
      • The approach needs to incorporate the key factors of initial ecohydrological processes.
      • Key factors are: primary structure, erosion, deposition, crusting, plant succession.
      • Ecohydrological functional units may be derived from modellng and observations.
      • From their behavior, general conclusions may be drawn on early system evolution.
      Vadose Zone Journal 2016 15:
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    • Vilim Filipović, Philippe Cambier, Lana Filipović, Yves Coquet, Valérie Pot, Guillaume Bodineau, Anne Jaulin, Vincent Mercier, Sabine Houot and Pierre Benoit
      Modeling Copper and Cadmium Mobility in an Albeluvisol Amended with Urban Waste Composts
      Core Ideas
      • Mobility of Cu and Cd in compost-amended soil was estimated using HYDRUS-2D.
      • Cu and Cd mobility was controlled by sorption in the tilled layer.
      • Different sorption estimations were used to model trace metal leaching.
      • EDTA/CaCl2 extracts ratio gave reliable Kd estimates for Cu but not for Cd.
      • Most of the Cu and Cd mass remained in the tilled layer.
      Vadose Zone Journal 2016 15:
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    • K. Ramesh Reddy
      Review of Wetland Soils: Genesis, Hydrology, Landscapes, and Classification, Second Edition
      Vadose Zone Journal 2016 15:
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